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September 15, 2017


Man Tran

First? In Bucharest waiting area.

Buford Gooch

Someone else be first.

Thomas Collins

This is the movie thread? I saw Dunkirk with my son and loved it. I disagree with the negative remarks about the movie not providing context. There are plenty of sources for the context. I enjoyed the fact that the movie focused on the personal efforts and valor of those involved in the evacuation. Dunkirk is right up there with United 93 in my book.


"a 2001 Jeep Cherokee."

1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee's rule! V8 (190K)


I thought Albert Brooks 1996 comedy "Mother," starring Debbie Reynolds, was wonderful:

I thought the new "Mother" was some odd Brook's remake using females instead. Good to know it's not a rip-off and is apparently terrible all on it's own merits demerits.

Captain Hate

United 93 was a very touching movie. I wasn't interested in seeing it but I kept hearing consistently positive things about it from reliable sources so watched it and was impressed with how well they captured things. I don't know if it's accurate to say I enjoyed it and probably won't ever watch it again; but it was very well done and should be watched by any young person who was too young to have lived through 9/11 and wants to know what things were like.

Captain Hate

Man Tran,

Are you going somewhere else or back home?


RIP Harry Dean Stanton, age 91.

I loved him in Repo-Man:(


Clarice Feldman and American Thinker hardest hit!

mad jack

i had harry dead on the old thread but maryrose says that doesn't count! (sorry maryrose...too easy)


RichRod is the biggest dick coach in all of college football.

That is all.


Any news of the NYC meetup?

It happened! We all made it. We identified each other by passing the secret sign. And all was good.

Porch, JMH, Tonto, Mr. Tonto, -peter, TM, jimmyk, and yours truly, sbw.

I could never do the conversation justice the way that daddy could, but suffice it to say we played several rounds of musical chairs so, each could talk to another, and we solved all the world’s problems with a wink, a nudge, and a bit of laughter.

I have no idea how much time we spent at the Empire Rooftop Lounge, but for me it moved right along.

As people moved on to other obligations, JMH and I removed ourselves to the Landmarc at Columbus Circle for a nice dinner. Good times.

Oh, and we did talk baseball. Collegially, even.

I am pleased to have been there.

Captain Hate

Any group picture, sbw?


Frau's beautiful pic from the last thread: (Right click)

I recall how some of the the ancient Babylonians and eventually the Greeks (ala Aristotle) believed that we were sitting in the center of a great celestial globe created by the Gods, with the individual various crystal spheres inside it holding the planets as they rotated around us and past each other.

I wonder what they considered the Milky Way as being? Where the 2 halves of the globe were put together perhaps? Anyone know?

I do recall years backing reading a fascinating theory in Biblical Archeology Review suggesting that the Mystery Religion of Mithras, conceived in Asia minor and beloved eventually by Rome's soldiers, had to do with the idea that Mithras was outside the Globe, slowly altering it's speed, leading ultimately to precession of the Equinox of Spring and resulting slowly in the transition from the Age of the Zodiac of Taurus into the Age of Aquarius, thus the Cult statues of Mithras slaughtering the Bull, and supposedly the initiation rite being devotees standing under a grating of some sort as a Bull was sacrificed and the bulls blood cascaded thru the grating onto the new initiate. Something like that. "Solving the Mithraic Mysteries"

Clarice Feldman

Oh no, daddy!



Wish I'd have been there, SBW. Looking forward to other write-ups as they loiter in.

Clarice Feldman

The NYC meet up sounds like fun. Looking at all the rapid posts, I have to ask..did it seem to you as though ™ was on speed? Not that I', ver bored with what he writes--it's just that if I leave the keyboard for 5 minutes, it seems like it takes hours to catch up.


Clarice Feldman

The observer critic didn't like "mother" muvch either, TM



I have not even started on TM's post 3 threads back and it's got 164 comments on it and it's almost Midnight East Coast. I usually catch up about 2 AM Alaska time, then pass out just as you guys wake up and TM pummels me all over again. The threads are much easier to handle on Europe layovers where I'm way ahead of New York Time. Any disruption out here, like dog walking or cute Dentists creates mass havoc for me.

Clarice Feldman

Terrible problems we first worlders hace, daddy. Nytol again..Behave y'all.


We have either assorted pictures or sordid pictures -- not sure of the correct word. On several cameras.

Have to wait until I am home to forward what I have.

Captain Hate

mother sounds absolutely terrible but I doubt that I could hate it any more than The Piano. Anyway I won't waste any time finding out.

JM Hanes

What a wonderful get-together! If you ever have a chance to meet-up with other JOMers, you should definitely do it. Afraid I'm going to have to beg off commenting in full, till tomorrow, in favor of crashing tonight, but I just wanted to say thanks to all for a great evening, with a special shout out to TM. It was such a pleasure to get to meet you, after all these years of making myself at home on your terrific blog. Thanks so much for joining us.

jimmyk on iPhone

Posted this on the last thread:

Meetup was fantastic. Porch, JMH, Tonto and Harry, peter, sbw, yours truly and....

a special guest appearance by none other than our fearless host, TM.

Much liquor and good cheer flowed. More tomorrow when I'm recovered.

As for pictures, yes, though the group was a bit large and hard to control :)

I'll try to post to FB, as I think there was a pinky swear not to post any here.

Dave (in MA)

Anyone see American Assassin yet?

Stephanie Nene Not your normal Grandma

jimmyk there is a JOM fb page.

TM's sister

I still have nightmares about Requiem for a Dream -- never again seeing anything from that director. Although I did love Javier Bardem in No Country for Old Men...


Yes, Steph, that's what I had in mind. Too tired tonight to deal with it.

Captain Hate

Porch must be really getting hammered with her other friends not to have weighed in.


Ralph L

in favor of crashing tonight
OK, we know why.


Zerohedge has an interesting piece about the notion that if the U.S. could only take out [Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, Kim Jong-un, Bashar al-Assad, Nicolas Maduro] , the problem of [Iraq, Libya, North Korea,Syria,Venezuela] would disappear.


Man Tran


Working our way home. Did a zero-zero landing at Frankfurt which was a first for me as a pax (or a pilot). That was nicely executed, but I puckered at the thought of a fender bender on the way to the gate. They did take about 15 min to park and then dumped us on the tarmac. An hour later you can't see the jetways out the lounge windows.

Catching up from last thread, Stephanie's trip to the hospital was similar to Mrs MT's in that she barely made it across multiple RR tracks riding in my full race Bugeye Sprite (suspension? Surely you jest).

My cars were almost always relatively cheap and heavily modified before I was done with them - even the Porsches and BMWs. Never put a lot of miles on most of them, but they could do interesting things not obvious from the outside.


Cool, Man Tran.

I know Frankfurt's airfield fairly well and have shot a couple Cat 3's in there over the years due to their frequent ground fog and low vis. I think it's probably the most complex set of arrival procedures I can think of that we have to program into our computers---big spiderweb arrival patterns with multiple options you have to guess at
transitioning into approach plates resembling tubas with another million points but thankfully they usually pull us off the arrival and just start that firm German trait of ordering us to immediately do exactly what they tell us instantly---Javohl:)

And even in good weather when we land at the Runway nearest our parking space it's a slow intricate taxi, whereas if we get stuck on the South runway it takes forever.

You and Mrs MT enjoy a cold one---you deserve it! Hope your trip has been fun.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Good morning!

Sundance reminds me this morning on Treehouse that President Trump wore that windbreaker in Florida because it hid the kevlar vest underneath.

In 90 degree heat.

At 71 years of age.

And after touring the damage, thanking the responders, and feeding the people at the trailer park (paid for with his own money) he flew back to DC and attended a black tie dinner for the White House Historical Association.

Let's compare this to the previous occupant...

I am off to the airport. Will do some links when I get back.


Maryrose, with all respect, your request that we not comment on your post from a prior thread is unreasonable. As was your similar request sometime back that we not comment on a post once that poster is no longer here.

Fact of the matter is that almost all of us drop in when we can, catch up as best we can, then post what we think about what has been posted since the last time.

This is not a conversation among posters in real time; it is a journal of posts over time, and the one request that does make sense is that when a poster is responding to something not within the last few minutes, then providing hint about the post being responded to, either by a short quote or at least a reference to the time of the post being respond to is a simple courtesy.

Refraining from answering to a post by one of us from a previous thread would deprive many of us of the valuable stream of thought we get from this place.

My two cents.


Completely and totally agree, which is why I am moving this comment here from the earlier post, which is standard JOM style.

I also very much appreciate people other than the original commenter reposting links they feel are "must reads."

I wish we had a mechanism for posted links to be collated on a sidebar--wouldn't that be great on busy days when just don't have "just ten hours"???

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Two large murals of Donald Trump appear on the border wall in Israel.

The Daily Mail thinks these murals are mocking, but Trump supporters will probably think they are great!


I don't know, daddy, that looks more like a flute.


Breaking: London Police arrest a suspect:

Parsons Green: Man arrested over Tube bombing


Well thT was the coen bros, who clooney is rioning with zuburbicon.

Beasts of England

Roll Tide!!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Captain Hate

The Horde is having an interesting discussion of how these DACA miscreants, or other illegal vermin, get into the armed services. Even if identity theft is involved, of which being discovered gets you kicked out, aren't the vetting procedures adequate to weed them out?

Two conclusions were reached. 1. The number of illegals in the military is grossly overstated and are being used by amnesty shills, including a disgusting number of Repukes, as ammo in making their arguments. 2. Recruiters are some of the most politicized members of the armed services and are surely complicit in sneaking illegals in.


Is a woman diversity hire behind one of the biggest data leaks in US history.

I am sure she is getting anice pension though as she retires. Paid for by the fees on the data she couldn't be bothered and probably wasn't capable of keeping safe.


Called "The First" in commemoration of the harridan. I watched her on the Today show this week as we had power back but no Internet. It was quite clear she had been provided the questions in advance.

Her affect and attitude remain cringeworthy. No way she would have been interacting with the people of Teaxs and florida after harvey and irma.

Janeprobably about 10 minutes after getting there

She would be blaming Bush, rse

Captain Hate

I am sure she is getting anice pension though as she retires. Paid for by the fees on the data she couldn't be bothered and probably wasn't capable of keeping safe

I'm a big advocate for executive skills being transferable over a range of fields but this is inexcusable. This should be a test case on ending this too big to fail shit. She needs to be held accountable for being too inept at her job to adequately do it along with whoever put her there not taking responsibility for monitoring how well she did it.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Most of the people on the Confederate side are from out-of-state.

Captain Hate

Furthermore on that Equifax case, I'm familiar with the corporate practice of advancing someone wired for big things into a position the person is completely unqualified for. Usually the underlings are directed in no uncertain terms that their jobs are to make sure that person doesn't fail. It's hard to believe, since this impacted the company's reason for existence, that there was such a massive screwup.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Good Morning! The Bangor Daily News has a story this morning about a Pittsfield,ME company called Northeast Bunkers. The owner says he's been "busy as the dickens" recently because of threats of nuclear war and other tensions in the world. The steel bunkers have filtration systems,leach fields for septic and are placed near groundwater. His list of clients is a secret,so none were available to be interviewed. The prices range from $40,000 to $60,000,depending on the size.
The comments section has a few pithy remarks..."sooner or later,the food, water,beer and patience will run out." Also..."a fool and his money are soon parted."


If there's a JOM facebook page, what is it called? Would like to add...

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Captain Hate


It's just called JOM and is mostly used to notify when the site is down. Probably Jeff Dobbs started it so I don't know how you'd get ok'd. Give it a try.

Captain Hate

Harry Dean Stanton fought at Okinawa.


Thanks, CH--I'll give it a shot, though how I let the powers that be know that I'm really Catsmeat isn'qaaaaaaaaaaa (sorry, that was my new kitten Bonnie "helping") isn't clear.

Jack is Back!


Go here:

I don't think you have to sign in. I thought it was Jane who set up the JOM Facebook page.

Photo from NYC meetup is top of the posts.


Stephanie set it up. I think it's closed, so you might have to send a request to Steph to join.

Old Lurker

So is Anonamom publishing in the UK under a fake name? Talk about buzz kill!


Thanks, all--have put in a request!


OL, 9:35 -- :)


And Catsmeat, you'll need to learn the secret handshake.


I just requested to join the FB group too. Long time lurker (since Plame days at least) and very occasional commenter.

Old Lurker

I am so jealous about the NYC meetup.

Old Lurker

But I am happy to not have a hangover.


OL, you were there is spirit ... and so was the Ledge.

JM Hanes

Old Lurker:

"I am so jealous about the NYC meetup."

And we were only 15 minutes away, as the crow flies!

Hello Alison:

Hope you'll lurk less and post more!

Captain Hate

I plan on being in NYC for the traditional pre Thanksgiving meet up, OL.

Captain Hate

And like magic a new thread appears.


that was the beauty of having a drink with Tom Maguire. While he had a drink in his hand, we did not have to worry that there would be a new thread. You're welcome.

common man


Stanley was where Mrs common and I went to view the Eclipse. The area is so dark that we could see the milky way in all its grand glory. Nice photo, btw.

Janet the expert 🚬

I still have nightmares about Requiem for a Dream -- never again seeing anything from that director.

Same for me.

Janet the expert 🚬

a review -

"’s hard not to get the impression that Aronofsky’s film has a lot more meaning for him than the audience. Some will no doubt find all of its flash and portent to be deep and provocative. Others will roll their eyes, toss up their hands, and find it to be slick, ridiculous nonsense. Those in the second camp won’t be wrong."

Janet the expert 🚬

one more review -

‘Mother!’ Review: Stylish But Tedious Lecture Against Christianity In Defense of Mother Earth


There is no way you can be attacking Christianity and Christians and be on the cutting edge.

Frau Heimat deine Sterne

common man - the photo was from this newspaper article about a dark sky reserve.

What luck smart planning to be in Stanley for the eclipse.

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