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October 12, 2017



am I number 2?


From the last thread,

Was he more the minotaur or the kraken?


If you identify as #2, we must use the correct pronoun Gus.


He just diesnt know when to stop digging:


I'm waiting for the "leaked" pictures of Harvey enjoying plant therapy at the rehab center spa.


Yes the protestations get tiring:

So it appears there is a glut of westinghouse/eduson projects


So on the sidebar I have an ad from GILT fashion online.

I can buy boots marked down from $798 to $319.

Or loafers marked down from $1395 to $1199.

Cold day in hell...

Google ads still needs some work:)


I don't think he is pole-ing anything at the moment.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

Imagine the member of an institution that has proudly disgorged unconstitutional abominations like McCain-Feingold and the assault weapons ban lecturing someone about constitutional oaths.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Maybe the Google thing thinks we are all insiders from Hollywood and want to dress like Harvey Weinstein!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 2h2 hours ago

The Fake News Is going all out in order to demean and denigrate! Such hatred!

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Worth a repeat:

Thank you to the person that posted this link [Here or at Insty]: Modern Times: Camille Paglia & Jordan B Peterson

What an education! Only 15 minutes in to the hour+ interview and it is already indispensable. Postmodern resentment is not progressive, not revolutionary, but reactionary. A power game accusing others of power games.

High priests in universities trashing texts and mistreating religions that as enormous works of art are the best way to understand the universe and man’s place in it.

Keep a tab open and watch, ten minutes at a time.


That other thread:

Which Phil rucker is incapable of understanding.


Will Charlie Gibson have to find the cable:

Ralph L

am I number 2?
Posted by: GUS
Don't tempt me like that.
I'm trying to hold it in so things don't get ugly.

anon ( AKA common man )

There is an emoji on your phone. A smiling pile of # 2. Just pointing out a factoid...

Texas Liberty Gal



This thread has gone to s**t.


The sourcing of the previous speculation was doubtful:



Thanks for the link on the prior thread. My relative was not listed as a member of the black sheep squadron that died that day. I kind of figured if he had been, I would have heard it by now. Such a fascinating site. I have since shared it with his sister and one of his nieces. Thanks again.



He is listed as KIA on this page

Air Group 5.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

President Trump is getting ready to sign that EO.


Speaking of Weinstein, TM:

"The Calm" . . . before "The Storm"

President Trump's tweets in the last few days have firmed up my belief about his "calm before the storm" remark, and in fact convinced me I was thinking far too small. It's not just Sinclair media, although that's part of it. It's not just broadcast licensing, though that is also a major component. No, this man has a kill shot lined up that's going to take out multiple INDUSTRIES as presently constituted; they will not be the same when he's done with them. And he told us beforehand he was going to do this.

Hollywood is imploding right before our eyes. Harvey Weinstein is going down, and he's not going to go alone. That entire industry is insecure to its core on the best of days and right now? Well, let us just say it is quaking at about 8.0 on the richter scale.

The networks? They *all* own and operate local TV stations in multiple major markets. And they're part of major conglomerates that all have a presence on cable television. So . . . how about one of my tweets:

They are licensed to operate in public interest. The public interest CANNOT be partisan. They do news as a public service. See the problem?

— J.B. White (@RattlerGator) October 11, 2017

And a follow-up tweet from an online friend:

The collusion with the DNC, HRC campaign & IC (leaks), the 24/7 anti-Trump narrative + lying reveals them for what they are. Proxies.

— Imperator_Rex (@Imperator_Rex3) October 11, 2017

Bingo !!!

Donald Trump told us what he was going to do (regarding Hillary Clinton) if he won the Presidency. He even told us how he was going to do it:

Special counsel, appointed by the Attorney General.

But he didn't tell us that he would blatantly put it in our face or *THEIR* face.

I've told y'all I'm still giddy from the election result and the performance by our President, and I know this ventures towards wishful thinking territory, but . . . Mueller isn't investigating Trump, my friends. Not at all. He better be clearing Trump's name *and* investigating Hillary. Perhaps even Obama.

Trump is playing for keeps, and he means business. Click on the link to see an applicable falling dominoes graphic:

— ☆ PJ_Steiner ☆ (@PJ_Steiner) October 9, 2017

Mueller and his dirty dozen Dem guns?

That does seem a bit wishful. (Be still my heart otherwise.)


Mueller hasn't an honorable bone in his body. Not gonna happen that way RG.

anon ( AKA common man )

What color is the sky in your world RG?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Well, it IS curious that he has hired only dem law firms, isn't it?

Why would he do that, when it gives the obvious impression that it is a witch hunt? Why not hire at least a few GOP aligned firms, in order to give a facade of impartiality?

Now one could assume that Mueller doesn't care about his reputation or the public's opinion on this investigation.

Or, one could assume that the hiring of those dem firms removes the possibility that they can be hired to defend any of the dems who are guilty, and that the whole thing is a smoke screen to keep the press and the dems in Congress from attacking him, lulling them into a false sense of security.

I see where RG is coming from. I also am prone to wishful thinking, so am trying to remain reasonable in my assessment. I guess I will just wait and see.


Back from spending time at Scott Adams place for the first time and definitely feeling "giddy".


Courtesy link, Deb?


So we can intuit, why he wee untouchable then,
But why this paragon of all sins, except sloth is presented now


Have any Dems been raided in the middle of the night yet? Wives frisked in their nightshirts?


And I dont find this answer sufficing:


Who has Mueller and his team interviewed besides Trump people? I haven't seen anything indicating they are talking to democrats.


Scott Adams twitter with podcasts - today's suggesting we're centering the "prog capitulation phase" which replaced the "What Trump's doing isn't working" phase which replaced the "Trump is Hitler" phase. Adams believes we'll now be hearing a lot about Trump and chess, i.e. "Trump is not playing 3-4D chess"


I saw somewhere that Trump is considering a meet-up to take questions from Mueller. Mueller is stalling for time and hoping for a draw, but I hope Trump is equally intent on a public "Checkmate"

Dave (in MA)



Cue admiral ackbar:

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

What is with Weinstein's wonky eye?
Some dude permanently close it for him?

Dave (in MA)

Even after unmangling and repairing narciso's URL, you may find that Hoft's site is unreachable.


He told you it was a trap, Dave.


Weinstein Speaks: "We All Make Mistakes"

"Mine was that I unfortunately have a taste for a little resistance."

(Just kidding.)

Dave (in MA)




Reporting the FBI's no-knock, lock-picked, middle of the night raid of the Manafort home, CNN noted that Trump had already provided Mueller 20,000 pages, Don Jr 250, and Manafort 400. The risk of harm to agents and even more so the Manaforts is still incomprehensible.

Dave (in MA)

Maybe some starlet with a mean left hook, Ignatz.


Where Are Republicans On The House IT Scandal?

The mainstream media has largely ignored the story. Most of what we know has been reported by Luke Rosiak in the The Daily Caller. The revelations have become a staple of conservative media, providing fuel for a social media brushfire. In apparent response, an informal hearing was held on October 10 by a handful of members of the Freedom Caucus. The lead witness was Rosiak who complained of an “extraordinary level of silence from official channels” about the scandal.

You would think that House Republican leaders would give the Awan mess a much bigger stage. This GOP disinterest is the biggest mystery of all. The media and Democrats in Congress created a frenzy over vague accusations that Russia interfered with last year’s presidential election. They were always short on specifics, but they did have one, the publication of Wasserman-Schultz’ emails by WikiLeaks.



I see by memeorandum that Trump is willing to talk with Mueller. Maybe he is coming over to deliver a report....


Why Weinstein now? I agree that that odd article from the Weekly Standard doesn't answer the question. He does posit the NYT story as a protective leak. (It seemed to serve more a gateway drug for Farrow's hard stuff). Somehow, crediting all this to one guy's revenge for Woody Allen trivalizes what we have here.

My theory is that the NY Cops tape that Farrow was leaking around town, and that was going to be enough to fuel a story with someone. One man with a grudge sounds -- pardon me -- a touch too Hollywood.

The other Republicans on the Committee are Reps. Patrick Meehan of Pennsylvania, Trey Gowdy of South Carolina, Kenny Marchant of Texas and Leonard Lance of New Jersey. Maybe now that the Russia issue is fading, they can start doing their job.


Jack is Back!

I wonder if the security guard guarding the unregistered security guard is himself registered?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Thanks for linking Scott Adams. He is quite right about the 3-D chess mentions. HA!

Adams uses that term. I prefer te Time Traveler theory that showed up on 4chan and The Donald. LOL!

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Sue, I am so glad you found him. I found the info next to the Franklin Muesum board members to be the most interesting. IMO, anyone wanting to attend a reunion of any of the WW II groups needs to do it soon.


My twitter feed is in frenzy over the Obamacare executive order, and, in some cases, demonstratrates that young reporters don't know how to read official documents. Jamie Dupree does a better job:


Unlesxits spooned to them, congressuonL response is even more removing all doubt.

So you expect the mandalay to be a top notch joint, it turned its as secure as a motel 6


I mentioned to my brother that the maniac's house was broken into thus disturbing what should be an active crime scene.

He reminded me that the San Bernardino towelhead 's place was run over by the media while that investigation was in process.

Jack is Back!

Getting back to Spenser Rapone the commie 2nd Louie grad of West Point, a devastating letter from a grad, retired LTC and professor at the school. Talking to others, all the academies have gone soft and social justice and lost all discipline.


Turns out Obama's civilian army was getting training at West Point.

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Of course he would be.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Barak Ravid‏Verified account @BarakRavid

BREAKING: PM Netanyahu orders foreign ministry to start preparations for Israeli withdrawal from UNESCO

This is the diplomatic correspondent for Haaretz.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I am seeing that my above tweet by Haaretz follows the United States' decision to withdraw from UNESCO as well.


I noticed that after Trump signed the insurance EO he graciously handed the pen to Rand Paul as Paul made clear that he was pleased with this action.

The two seemed very cordial.

During the election Paul and Trump were hardly buddies, but after the election they both accepted the task of moving the country forward while getting past their differences.

Bob Corker should have picked the honey route, but he chose vinegar.

He is a loser.

James D.

You would think that House Republican leaders would give the Awan mess a much bigger stage. This GOP disinterest is the biggest mystery of all.

If there were any further proof needed that there really is a GOPe and a Uniparty, this would be it.

We've got a thoroughly ugly and photogenic scandal that affects dozens of Dem congressmen (and ONLY Dems), which can't be explained away, and which has real national security implications.

Yet the GOP is totally silent on it.


Anyone have a pacer account?

Think Joe Wilson (vs. Hinks) has to pay attorney fees in his lawsuit

ORDER by Magistrate Judge Laura Fashing granting in part and denying in part72 Motion for Attorney Fees. (cda)

Hinks filed for attorney fees and this the judge's response. Is this what the Plame's twitter go fund me was really set up for?


Didn't the afterbirthers promise us that if there was anything shady about Obama's narrative the GOP would expose it because it would be to the benefit of the Republican party?


Cuomo to Keep Over $60,000 in Campaign Donations From Harvey Weinstein

Well, to be fair, that's only half the money he got from Weinstein. He's donating the rest to an unspecified lib women's charity.


How about schneiderman, schneiderman.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--Well, to be fair, that's only half the money he got from Weinstein.--

Makes sense. He's keeping the half that was from the semi-consensual casting couch sex and returning the sexual assault money.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

-- (and ONLY Dems) --

Perhaps the GOPe silence is because it is not ONLY Dems.


Rand Paul had the original idea to let people buy insurance across state lines and told President Trump he had the power to make it happen.
Hence the pen.


Can't people in New York elect better people than crooks like Cuomo and DeBlasio?
Where are the real leaders in that state?
Like. Virginia, the inmates have taken over the asylum.

Ralph L

I don't get the LTC complaining about lack of discipline at WP after he put up with so much carp from Rapone. Why didn't he fry him himself? Was he told not to, or would it damage the LTC's career (which he just ended)? It's the same problem as the Hollywood culture's.


You are a liar, maryrose.


My husband and I spent 14 years at West Point when he was on the faculty there (military, not civilian.) None of what LTC Huffington has written about the state of affairs there surprises me. For many years now, the official WP notifications and press releases to grads and others about "changes" to the curriculum and training have highlighted "diversity", gender, and race issues--areas that increasingly pushed aside traditional methods of training competent military leaders. You could see it in the hiring of many civilian professors who were actually hostile to the military,in invitations to radicals (like Te-Hisi Coates ) to speak there etc. All this has totally lowered standards and behavior, as the LTC points out.

The idiotic letter that the Superintendent sent out--unasked by anyone!--after Trump's comments about Charlottesville, solidified the suspicion that the brass at USMA are the result of progressive ideas infecting our service academies. I'm glad my late husband was spared witnessing this....

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Heh! I am enjoying General Kelly running the press briefing today.

When I find the video I will link it.


Just yesterday:



This is my last direct post to you

Posted by: maryrose | October 11, 2017 at 10:27 PM



It was a hoot, MM.

One reporter asked Kelly "what frustrates the President the most here in DC?"

Kelly response was "you."


And to answer Ralph's question: if the Superintendent, the Commandant of Cadets and the Dean (all generals) fob off handling complaints and violations that deal with larger issues such as behavior, the Honor Code, lousy grades that should get a cadet thrown out, or athletic violations, nothing gets done. A mere LTC has virtually no clout if the chain of command does nothing.

Lt. Rapone is an excellent example: fellow cadets, his tactical officer, and his academic instructors in high probability knew what he was doing and his views, but apparently the brass refused to act.

All this is getting some reaction--the Supe just sent out inane little letter that "they" can't comment on Rapone because "legal stuff", and "rest assured that the LTC's charges have no merit whatsoever."

I think that deeper currents are coming to a head!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Here is the video. There is dead time at the beginning, so advance to 11:41 for beginning of the briefing.

HIGHLY recommend!!


Please note fellow JOMers my last post addressed no one person but was presented to all with facts as I know them.


To prove my point:


And to also illustrate how deep the rot has gone in the military:

What's notable here is that it's the 10th Mountain Divison, the posting of our Che-loving Lt. Rapone.


Hahahaha!! Pretty pathetic, MR.

"FYI, my comment that only was relevant to TK's post actually wasn't because I was providing a fact that I know that doesn't mean squat if TK didn't post, but I'm not posting about that."


You can't keep your stupid promise. Face it.


Miss Marple the Deplorable

President Trump found an ally in Senator Paul on getting a few things in that EO and in understanding what was happening.

I do NOT think those ideas were solely Senator Paul's, since President Trump campaigned on a lot of those issues regarding healthcare. The "across state liines" thing has been discussed for years from everyone from various think tanks to Thomas Wictor on Twitter.

maryrose, Why is it that you always default to trying to convince us that the Senators and Congressmen are the sole source of anything good and backhandedly make it seem like President Trump is sort of a dummy? Is it just the style of your writing, or is that what you believe?

Janet 🚬

You've become so sour. What's your problem?



It was reported that at the dinner Rand Paul attended at the WH he suggested to President Trump that he could use an executive order to get this part of healthcare done.
I saw him behind the president today at the signing ceremony and thought I could add that to the discussion.


Only to maryrose, Janet.

Her comments to me are unnecessary and incorrect. It is in my nature to punch back twice as hard.

She promises to stop interacting with me time and time again. Yesterday she dropped by to inform me that I run away when someone gets too close to my target.

I don't let that crap go unchecked.


If you were sincere in asking what my problem is you can start here:

If you weren't sincere, then don't worry about it.

Ralph L

It's official: "Soldiers can now get their arms, legs and most of their bodies covered in tattoos.
The change strikes a short-lived policy limiting soldiers to four tattoos below the elbow or knee, none bigger than the wearer's hand."
And one ring tattoo per hand allowed.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


You know who you sound like?

"Only Rosie O'Donnell."



I see. It's your style of writing and yes, Senator Paul did work with the President on this because of his familiarity with insurance and medicine. Perhaps he did suggest the EO, but not the meat of the policies. Those were already pretty much issues which had been discussed over several years.




Great Twitter stream of replies to Howard Dean suggesting the Puerto Rico relief be turned over to...

the Clinton Foundation!!!

Honest to God--that's what he tweeted!


LIBTARD/MARXISTS are stark raving mad.

matt, deplore me if you must

Can we just stop witht the petty stuff, please?

I would much rather focus on the implosion of immoral minority. Maybe we should start a Pussy Hats for Harvey fund or something. Hopefully others will come out on some of the shenanigans that these libertines engage in on a daily basis.

from Teddy Boy to Clinton to McGreevy to Edwards to Weiner and Frank to Weinstein it's a murderer's row of mysogyny. Menendez and his creepy trips down DR way, the list just keeps on growing.

Of course Tim Murphy is a great example of bipartisanship. They really do feel that they can get away with anything. Our leaders sure have some dark and dirty secrets.


I think How Weird Dean is referring to running CELL PHONE OPS in Puerto Rico.

Captain Hate

If somebody hacked Yeeaarrgghh's Twitter account and wanted to make him look really clueless, how could you tell?

Captain Hate

Funny how all of Slick's friends are being revealed as perverts.


Yes he was a small gator, only about 2 meters. But he wasnt staunchly prolife. Not like desjarlais, just profoundly stupid,

Clarice Feldman

Back story on family released from Afghanistan:

Jane (Stand against the Coup)


Can't you block him? It makes life so much nicer.


She doesn't want to block me, Jane.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


How could he have tweeted that? OMG!!

There is another bullet we dodged!

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