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May 27, 2018


Frau Forelle


Jack is Back!

Very interesting 500. 93F air temp and over 130F track temperature. Whoever wins will win it in the pits. A number of 7 second stops already.

Kevlar Kid


clarice feldman

Repeating--today's laugh of the day:

Kevlar Kid

Thank-you for this week's Pieces, clarice.

I launch them toward Paw's home in Lynchburg. Softening him up. At 86 he's quite cynical about things Washington. His FAA career had him dealing with a lot of congressional crawdaddies and mommies (Geraldine Ferraro).

But--- he's now tracking the coup. I said to him on Thursday that he didn't lose his brother, Frank (navy corpsman) on Iwo Jima to let this kind of deviousness ruin the Republic. That was quite a push, but it made sense to do it in light of how much of a blindside most Americans are going to get when the truth wills out.

Thanks again.



Guess he tried to give that councilman his own Key to the City.


Louis Farrakhan Issues Sunday Call For An End To White Men

Kevlar Kid

"Sirhan Sirhan shot RFK in front of a crowd of people. He was obviously the killer."

Due to his politically privileged status as a Fakestinian who didn't live in the Gaza Strip, i thought it was only a matter of time before he'd become a cause celebre to the delusional American Left.

I'm not up on Bobby Kennedy's stance toward Israel at the time, but Arafat and Company were quite desperate back then. And their fortunes were about to get a whole lot worse. The Long Game was all they had.

Sirhan is entombed down in Corcoran I men's max prison in the California Central Valley where Chuck Manson "lived."

Talk about a shite hole. It's too good for him.

Jack is Back!

My Memorial Day holiday so far: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

One of our neighbors, 2 gay guys, tore their cottage and replaced it with a new 2 story plus basement kind of hokey chalet and put in a pool in the back. We noticed earlier this year that they had rented it for a weekend. (Against Southampton ordnance to rent for less than 2 weeks, US Open only exemption).

So, Friday, 4 or 5 cars show up next door which has very limited parking since it is on a private road for the other two houses behind them. Looked to be 5 or 6 young guys but the neighbors were not there. Then Saturday a horde of people, possibly as many as 20 young people from New Jersey, North Carolina and New York show up. 16 cars parked on the street (Illegal to park on our streets overnight). Mrs. JiB emails the owners who thought the rental would only be for four people. One of these guys is a real estate agent or had been.

Now the cops show up, twice so far. Find out from a real estate friend that they will get hit with a huge fine, plus a hotel tax. Police are there now making them park all their cars on one side of our street only and keep the private driveway clear. Also, at our neighbors across the street, lots of broken glass in their driveway entrance. They are not here this weekend but she is a fiery Irish type and I only wish she was here to see how she would react:)

The one gay guy is an architect in New York and his famous among the cops here for all the complaints he makes about every little thing. For the cops this is going to be sweet revenge when they show up with all the code violations:)


I developed a great respect for racing after listening to a one hour local radio segment about the 600 mile race at Charlotte on Wednesday. Incredible that anyone can control a car for that long, over those temperatures and track temperatures and lighting changes.

About 84, 15 mph NW winds, sun up here in the Great White North.

Kevlar Kid

I guess the Mayor of West Hollywood is living proof that all's fair in Love, War and Gay Sex.

What a slime ball.

Jack is Back!


You on the lake already? What is the water temp. Ocean here is 62F and only the young and crazy are going in sans wetsuit.

600 is later tonight, right?

Racings big day. A trifecta: Monaco earlier, the 500 and next up the 600 (longest race in motorsports).


Democrats' and media's Trump-Russia collusion narrative falls apart

Bottom line: CNN, NYT and others lied or reported lies as facts. Mueller admitted in court that he has no evidence of Manafort having been in contact with Russians.

Kevlar Kid


I said "DOCTAH!" Hi---

Just took delivery on "Super DPA" fish oil dietary supplement for "heart support." A Cousens recommended addition to my heart regimen (Bear garlic extract being the other, along with chelating proteolytic enzymes).

What's the skinny on this "missing" essential fatty acid from usual fish oil supps from your vantage point?

What I was told is the commercial fisheries off the coast of Europe are highly mercury contaminated. Fish from there are the primary sources for fish oil EFAs.

DPA is made from a small fish found only off the Maryland coast (so I am told) which isn't mercury toxic. Besides that benefit it is the EFA most crucial to heart health which is missing from the "industrial diet."

Not sure how I'll gauge DPAs effects other than staying out of the cardio penalty box for another 4 years. ;)

Hope you're enjoying life's moments, A-Mom.



Just some "ignorant hillbilly" twenty somethings pickin'

Billy Strings and his sidekicks. After a few minutes you will understand why they are getting lots of attention.

Kevlar Kid

Back when #1 son, Noah, was a wee tyke, he asked "What's the big deal with car racing, Dad?"

I broke out the coffee table book I had on the history of sailing ships.

Our perusal underscored the point I made at the end: "Do you think that the only thing that came out of building ships were the ships?"

I showed him, using sketches how a nation's ships required much more than hammers and nails. He always had an engineer's mind set so at 6 he was all into the "allied industries" concept. Learned that cuz his Daddy farmed and we'd been through that whole supply chain and logistics maze.

"So, why do you think car racing is such a big deal?"

Nuf sed. He made his own sketches. "It's more than just a sport" he said when he trundled off to bed that night.

When I hear about car racing news all I think about is how the word "tolerance" is so greatly misused today.

Jack is Back!

Will Power. Happy OZ Day. His wife made a water bottle into a shapeless piece of plastic:

Kevlar Kid

"Chelsea Clinton is a prolific tweeter."

Read the whole thing if you can stomach this meal ticket ploy from the former "first family" of grifters.

GaggleMe dint turn up any current search results as to the outcomes of the 5-24-18 shakedown event in NYC.

They're desperately trying to stay relevant. And Howard Dean is such a buffoon he's doing the Hooterville shuffle for them still. Putz Extraordinaire.

Kevlar Kid

Thanks for that, Buckeye.... reminds me of going to Bean Blossom festival in Indianner back in the 80s.

My very favorite bluegrass band was "Old and In the Way" featuring none other than Jerry Garcia.

Thanks again.


Eye Doctor

They have dirt on Rubio.

Kevlar Kid

All right... time for the salt mine swing shift.

Have a great day, y'all.



Power pulls it off!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I often wonder if Will Power's parents intended his name to motivate him.

Congratulations to him!

I laid down to listen tot he race and dozed off. One wouldn't think so, but the sound of the announcers with the race cars in the background is the sound of the Memorial Day weekends of my childhood, and it relaxes me to the point I guess I dropped off.

Woke up just in time to hear the win.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I often stop at SEAL Team Six operator Jason Freiwald’s grave, KIA 2008 “somewhere in Afghanistan.” Noticed yesterday a coin on his stone. Flipped it over and realized “Slab” placed it on his teammate’s stone after POTUS decorated him with the Medal of Honor on Thursday. Respect.

— James Gordon Meek (@meekwire) May 27, 2018

Picture at link.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

The people who lined that funeral route are the same people who voted for President Trump. The Forgotten Men. The Deplorables. The ones looked down on by the elitists in the press.

God bless them all.


narciso: Googles they do nothing

narciso, that is very funny.


Jim McGrath
President @GeorgeHWBush was taken to Southern Maine Health Care (@SMHCHealth) today after experiencing low blood pressure and fatigue. He will likely remain there for a few days for observation. The former president is awake and alert, and not in any discomfort.


JiB, I don't know what the water temp is, but there are people out there swimming! Tough Midwesterners, carpe dieming it. As one learns to do!

This is a nicer day than any one we had all last summer, when it was so cold I took the screen out of the lakeside front door about an hour after I had put it in---and NEVER put it back!
It's been in for nearly 24 hours now, so I am hopeful...

Supper with my 94 year old aunt, the one who built the first of the six cottages, and let us all use it throught our childhoods---and pretend it was ours.Of course, every time iI see her I think it's the last...

Jack is Back!


Duty, Honor, Country. Slab represents them all.

Tomorrow, I go to the cementary to honor my Father and Uncle for their service in WW2 and Korea.


jim_nj: Everyone is gone? I'll watch the end of "My Name Is Nobody." One of my favorite spaghetti westerns.

Mine, too. Absolutely under-appreciated.

And the next generation won’t get the references or the humor.


I spent nearly the whole day yesterday with a garden sprayer and roundup.

We have a paver driveway, paver patio, and 2 really long brick sidewalks.

Another thing to avoid in a "retirement" residence:)

Miss Marple the Deplorable


That is why I have avoided flowr beds here. My daughter doesn't understand much about gardening, and I do NOT want to spend hours weeding.

Except for trees and shrubs, flowers are being done in large pots, so that they can be moved around and avoid weeds.

I discovered that daylilies will winter just fine in pots on the front porch, so I am using a lot of those.

Jack is Back!

One of the best summers I ever spent was in the north-central Michigan lake country. Probably people in the Highlands area of NC would feel the same. Plus some of the most spectacular golf courses I have ever played. Back then I was scratch and thank God because today I would go broke spending money on golf balls:)

Up in bow hunting country, Gaylord. Where they make the Bear bow. Still have 3 of them lazing away in the attic.



Mrs. Buckeye is all in on the landscaping and flower beds.

I can cut grass, kill weeds and keep the gutters flowing, but she won't let me touch her flowers.

She feels the same way about the laundry:)


Up in bow hunting country, Gaylord. Where they make the Bear bow. Still have 3 of them lazing away in the attic.

Frederick might like that sport.


This week some of the gardening has been done by squirrels and rabbits.

They seem to like Begonias. Time for putrid egg smelling stuff and capsaicin.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I poured my heart and soul into my garden at the old house. In my mind I can still see every inch, down to where moss grew and where there usually were ant hills.

I have never driven by the house since I left.

I am glad I have a framed photo of the birch tree my daughter bought me for my birthday one year, along with the heirloom iris planted beside it.

Not doing that again. Besides, my hips won't take the digging any more.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
2m2 minutes ago

Our United States team has arrived in North Korea to make arrangements for the Summit between Kim Jong Un and myself. I truly believe North Korea has brilliant potential and will be a great economic and financial Nation one day. Kim Jong Un agrees with me on this. It will happen!

Dream big! Amazing man.

Beasts of England

I have never seen this many people at the lake on Memorial Day weekend. The place is covered up on land and water. It's taking me ten seconds to refresh JOM on my phone. It's usually instantaneous. As a famous dem strategist once said 'It's the economy, stupid.'

I'll bet the folks who own restaurants and/or bars around here are gonna be test driving new boats on Tuesday... 🕶


Posted by: Extraneus | May 27, 2018 at 02:55 PM

I'm so glad I don't work in the bow tie section of Nashville by TSU. Those NOI guys will be out there trying to sell newspapers now that it's warm out.


I noticed a big hole in the yard, presumably a mole of some type.

Any ideas on how to deal with that?


presumably a mole

You’re sure it isn’t an informant?

And it’s probably for your own good anyway.


John Kerry’s Peace Partner Iranian FM Javad Zarif Caught on Video Chanting “Death to America!”

(Click to enlarge.)

Which is worth doing to get the sense of what this dude was thinking while shaking hands with the mashed potato face doofus.


Their bizarre angle:

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
2m2 minutes ago

Why didn’t President Obama do something about the so-called Russian Meddling when he was told about it by the FBI before the Election? Because he thought Crooked Hillary was going to win, and he didn’t want to upset the apple cart! He was in charge, not me, and did nothing.


I suppose it's Scott Pruitt's fault that Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano is causing destruction without filing the proper environmental impact statements.

They still haven't cleaned up the totally undocumented mess in Northern Arizona that lead to the Grand Canyon.


"Up in bow hunting country, Gaylord."

JiB, I used to spend my summers in Grayling, MI. Every summer my Dad would do annual military training there.

Being from southern Indiana, I remember to this day the first time I saw Lake Margarethe and couldn't see the shore on the other side I assumed it was 'the ocean'.

There was some retired Mil guy that would be there every year who owned a DUKW and he'd give kids rides on the lake in it. It never got old clambering up that beast on the land and then having him drive it into the lake.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to all JOMers.


I found this DIY video on ground type varmints.

Beasts of England

'Why didn’t President Obama do something about the so-called Russian Meddling when he was told about it by the FBI before the Election? Because he thought Crooked Hillary was going to win, and he didn’t want to upset the apple cart! He was in charge, not me, and did nothing.'

That's gonna leave a mark...


NBC’s [Andrea] Mitchell Claims Fans Largely Never Stand for the National Anthem

Mitchell’s ridiculous proclamation came after The Washington Free Beacon’s Editor-in-Chief Matthew Continetti noted that the kneeling started out protests against police brutality, but quickly became about protesting Trump after he spoke up about it. “Except, on the day they announce it-- On the day they announce it, you get the video, the body cam footage, Andrea, of an NBA player, Sterling Brown, in Milwaukee showing over a parking dispute, he got tased,” Todd exclaimed.

“The hypocrisy is so profound,” Mitchell spat, effectively showing her contempt for anthem supporters. “Take a look at any NFL stadium and people are getting hot dogs, people are getting beers. They're not standing and saluting the anthem for a large part. They're not. They're distracted. They're fans at an event.” Judging by this lunacy, Mitchell had either never been to an actual sporting event ever or she was just making things up to take a political swipe.

And with the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on sports betting, I know which one I’d put my money on.

Mitchell continued by whining about how badly football flunky Colin Kaepernick was treated. “The fact the players do not have this freedom of speech and no one is thinking of Colin Kaepernick who has lost his entire career over this issue, who has been basically blackballed and can't be hired, is just outrageous.”

They're sad and worried that players won't be kneeling for the national anthem this season.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I just hung a picture in the hall. I do not know what type of plaster was used in this 1950's era bungalow, but I am convinced one portion of it is concrete.

I have to use a drill to get the nail started, and I have to lean into the drill to get it going into the wall!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Scott Adams
‏Verified account @ScottAdamsSays
8m8 minutes ago

The President of the United States just asked you to show respect to Kim Jong Un for what could be an historic accomplishment for North Korea and the world. The U.S. public’s attitude will help close the deal. Follow the lead.


"Any ideas on how to deal with that?"

I battle the little bastards every year.

The most effective way that I've found is:

The most satisfying way I've found is:

As the poison smoke fills their burrows you'll see the gas exit little cracks in their runs. Sometimes when you are lucky, you'll see one pop up outta the ground and make a run for it. If you are prepared, you'll be standing by with a 20 gauge and get your satisfaction.

I hate those little bastards...


we had a gang of armadillos hanging around about a year ago, we spoke to animal control and they were was no help,

Beasts of England

You're gonna need a bigger hammer, Miss Marple!!

~ ~ ~

Imagine reading that Trump tweet if you're a government official who's had any involvement at all in deploying this attempted coup. These folks have transited from dreams of huge promotions in the Pantsuit Administration to dreams of huge time in federal prison; all within an eighteen month span.

I hope they all have a pleasant weekend, of course.

Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma

Buckeye, we have better luck with Spectracide rather than Roundup.

I've been in the weeds all weekend, too. Got almost the last of the veg garden done, and I've already got 6 small tomatoes growing nicely and about 14 peppers. I planted cayenne, 3 colors of bell peppers, coolapenos, sweet peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, roma tomatoes, heirlooms, better boys, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and the only thing left to plant is the pickling cukes. Should start harvesting the peppers end of next week.

Also planted some calla lillies, more azaleas, and some hostas.

Next weekend should be fun. Ordered some hardware to make the grandkids a swing set that should be here midweek - then I'll hit Lowe's for the 4x4 lumber to build it. Just swings for now but will be able to expand it as needed for climbing nets, slides or whatever.


lol this weekend Supreme Leader Trump has

1.) Claimed he isn't responsible for tearing infants away from their mothers (its the dems!!)

2.) Whined that his beautiful you supporters are going to go to jail for violating the law

3.) Complained that Obama didn't do more to stop him from colludding with russia.

MAGA-SS BRIGADE GET TO WORK!! Dear LEader is in desperate need of yoru subserveiant help. Start fondling his balls, and send over your first born (young daughters) to help!


One commenter, mike Sylvester, who focuses on orthogonal angles to the news, had a series on rantburg re that peter evans angle on the assassination, an alliance between a Palestinian, Mahmoud hamshari and Onassis, who bore a grudge going back to rfk's time on the senate committee


MAGA-SS BRIGAGDE -- we may need you to help drive the baby prison bus:



yes, it's mostly gornisch:

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Structural problems.


Very funny!
OL should be on Nantucket by now.
Sounds like the temporary neighbors are trying to live like the rich hoi pilloi splitting the cost 20 ways.
Beautiful in Cleveland!
Just saw a Clague Playhouse production of The Explorer’s Club
Excellent performances!


Steph, you are a great NeNe.

clarice feldman

For the troll among us:
Obama administration placed migrant children in the hands of traffickers.


So why hasn't Halper been subpoenaed yet?


Steph, add some extra time to read the instructions, get some different tools, replace the missing parts.

Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma

Thanks, MR! I just don't want bored kids when they start growing and come over for events.


August 12 is his last birthday.


oh I missed this full chimp circle:

Stephanie, Nene, Not your Normal Grandma

NO need, SBW.. ordered these:

Gonna put a 16' across the top and 4 8' 4x4s for the legs with 4' clearance on either end. Also ordered these:

to mount the swings.

clarice feldman

The press backstrokes on Brennan:


words fail:

Miss Marple the Deplorable


That is some Oscar-worthy hypocrisy on display with regards to Brennan. Thanks for the link!


Stephanie, we invested in a Cedarworks playset 19 years ago, and it'll still be going strong for grandchildren. Plus it satisfied all of my tinkertoy urges!

Jack is Back!

We have Voles. Used the sonic spikes. Nada. Now using the food traps. Sneaky little bastards steal the food and dig back into the ground. Now trying another trap.

These little guys are crafty and evasive.

At the 600. Every car has a fallen hero's name on their windshield. NASCAR rules.

Old Lurker

Just in sight of the lighthouse Maryrose.

Dock in about half hour.

Rough crossing.

Jack is Back!

Andrea, Look the fans at Charlotte have stopped buying beer and hotdogs and they have got off their fat hillbilly asses to stand for the national anthem unlike you an your crowd of anti-American values MSNBC jerks.


so anyone why they snapped up robinson, like he was Daniel defoe,

Jack is Back!

Last Post or as we call it "Taps". 21 gun salute. Its Memorial Day. Lot of people don't understand the difference. I do. And so do my veteran friends. Unlike Zippy who never knew the difference between Nov. 11th and May 30th.

Jack is Back!


Coming or going?

Its brutal here. Non-stop rain. But the pool is warm.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Stephen Miller
‏Verified account @redsteeze
2h2 hours ago

So weird how Linda Sarsour, an Obama Pod Bro, Shaun King, a NYT editor & a CNN reporter all tweeted the exact same AZ central article thinking it was 2018 & not 2014. How do those things happen? It’s a Scooby mystery that may never be solved.


Si te prefieres reverb, delay y paradiddles en espanol viola!


Rubio: Kim Jong Un ‘Does Not Want to Denuclearize,’ Destroying Facility Is ‘a Show’

Sen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) on Sunday accused North Korea of misdirection in the lead up to a proposed summit between its leader Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump.

Rubio stated at the beginning of an interview on ABC’s "This Week" that the North Korean regime is "paranoid" and attached to its nuclear weapons in order to maintain its clout. To Rubio, the crux of the issue is whether the U.S. and other countries are prepared to coexist with a North Korean regime that has nuclear weapons and ballistic missile technology.

"Are you prepared to live in a world where someone like him possesses not just nuclear weapons, but the ability to hit the mainland of the United States? If you are not, you have to do something to go after him at some point," Rubio said, noting that he did not want to go to war with North Korea.

Go after him how, then?

"I'm not in favor of [military confrontation]. It is not something I relish or take lightly," Rubio said. "I'm telling you that could very well be the option we wind up with in the end because ultimately I remain convinced he does not want to denuclearize, and in fact he will not denuclearize."

Sucked right into the McCain vacuum, he was.

clarice feldman

We used to have voles--we seem to still--but when I noticed them we had a cairn terrier and they were his favorite playthings. Now and then after a big rain we find them in the pool traps.


I just caught up from 24 hours ago, and saw the discussion of summer concealed carry. Here are some unoriginal thoughts that might be useful to someone. While a lot of folks think that convenient summer carry is limited to pocket pistols because of skimpy outer clothing, I think what’s feasible is determined by an odd combination of one’s body shape, what causes one discomfort, how one likes to dress, and what kinds of small inconveniences one can tolerate. I’m able to carry 2 Glock 19’s in Crossbreed in waistband holsters while wearing shorts and an untucked polo shirt. No one seems to notice anything, there’s only a minute amount of discomfort when in tight car seats, and I choose to see the extra 5 pounds as exercise 😀 But I know others who feel like the gun butt or muzzle is poking them all the time. For them to carry, they’d have to accept Clint Smith’s maxim that carrying a gun is supposed to be comforting, not comfortable. I’m lucky that, for me, it’s both.

Old Lurker

Arriving for the summer Jack

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Salena Zito has taken a group of Harvard students on a tour of four of the cities she covered in her book. I think this is an excellent idea. Here is a tweet with photos of them at the old Fiesta Ware factory in Youngstown, Ohio. Photos at the link.

My @HarvardIOP #mainstreetproject students in Youngstown at the Fiesta-ware factory at the old Campbell Sheet & Tube and Mahoning Valley Vo-Tech

— SalenaZito (@SalenaZito) May 25, 2018

Jack, re Cashiers, do you know High Hampton? My husband and I honeymooned there 24 years ago (today is our anniversary)--his parents, grandparents, had been going there for years. Very lovely place, with rather a killer hole between two bits of the lake.

Man Tran

ENRDV, yeah those Cayman seats don’t leave much room for extra stuff hanging around. :)

Ralph L

I've been trying Triclopyr to kill violets and poison ivy without killing the grass. Mixed success (and slow), partly because it keeps raining here soon after I spray. It seems to burn back English ivy if you get it when the leaves are new, but not so good on clover.

My other obnoxious weed is Japanese stilt grass, which doesn't react to anything but Roundup, which also kills the good grass around it.

Anyone know a way to kill squirrels (but not cats and bunnies) without shotguns?


These are the pants, short and long, that ENR has worn, always carrying, every day since we met. Black. Except when illegal of course.


2 19's? Aren't you in a state that still allows 15-round magazines?


(Do not mess with this dude.)


that terrible excerpt from airship one, reminded me of a generally terrible film, about space vampires, but had a great London symphony score,


ENRDV, I’m glad you have adjusted to the carry.

Some people adjust to Glocks. For me it would be like carrying around two Nash Ramblers.


I went to the last of over 100 consecutive gun shows allowed in a certain town today. The local pols voted after the Parkland thing, when they obviously had the excuse to do what they might not otherwise get away with.


My birthday is August 12.


I forgot what you carry, SB.

I try a Glock 19 here and there in one of these, wouldn't mind carrying a Ruger SP 101 (since I have one), but I normally go with the Seecamp, even in the winter.

Henry has a .40 cal revolver? (Taurus?)

Anyone else?


Re: Extraneous at 6:47

(15 + 1] x 2, plus a spare magazine. Always want to have something to lend a friend. Or, to pretend to be an operator, I could repeat the old saw that two is one, and one is none, referring to the fact that mechanical things sometimes fail.

Re: SBW at 6:55

Glocks are blocky and homely, but they always work and shoot reasonably well. And, if you’re a mechanical incompetent, as I am, they are the easiest to fieldstrip and clean.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Our yard is obviously suffering from years of neglect. We have ground ivy, wild strawberries, and white clover everywhere. (The wild strawberries have set teeny-tiny fruit, I noticed today.)

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