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October 12, 2004


salvatore frawley

May God rest his soul.

American Media has not broadcasted this? Why not? This is a person whom all should follow!

Black Jack

Fabrizio didn't write for the Communist Press, and his hero's death can't be used to undermine freedom and liberty, therefore his grizzly murder can be ignored by "Progressives" as meaningless.

May the brave and honorable Fabrizio rest in peace, and may the blood thirsty vermin who killed him, and their fellow travelers, rot in hell.


Yep, two kinds of people: honorable Fabrizio Quattrocchi and $10 million ransom payment to the terrorists for a communist.

She is a perfect spokesperson for the democratic party. Hate Bush and support the terrorists who are murdering their own people. Her solidarity must also rest with Pol Pot, Stalin, Mao and the vietcong.

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