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September 26, 2002




phyllis kaplan

was seated at the dinner table last night with my 12 and 13 year old and friends 8 and 10 year old and they asked us about heroism. I mentioned Lenny Skutnik and what he did and my friend and I started crying thinking about that footage we still had in our heads all these years later. The kids were mesmerized. Thank you Lenny Skutnik. We still remember.


I, too, will never, ever forget watching that on TV, the agony of seeing that woman repeatedly drop the lifeline and Lenny plunging into the icy Potomac. I get emotional just thinking about it and I agree, Lenny Skutnik is in my Top 5 Unforgettable People.

alec portnoy

I was looking on IMDB (Movie Database) and came across the movie made about that terrible day. I remember coming home and seeing the whole thing unfold on TV and being mesmerizing,horrified that we were actually watching this unfold before our eyes(way before CNN). I will never forget the images from that day (the blinding snow and ice everywhere. What a helpless gut wrenching experience it all was. Thank you Lenny whereever you are...you were selfless and redeeming in an unforgettable unwinnable situation that day.


No one who watched that day could ever forget Lenny Skutnik, a true American hero, who will always be number one. And to this day he is humble about what he did. Not many people would ever do what he did. Defintely top 5 unforgettable people. To me, right up there with My Lai hero Hugh Thompson. If you don't know about Hugh, please read about him.

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Alejandro Flores

Today 1/15/09 I watched some footage of the plane crash in the Hudson river and I can't help but to recall that day 27 years ago. I often think of his words and what he did. Love and kindness are so very simple. Proffesionals knew better then to jump in the water. But that man, that day, I will never forget


I also watched footage of the US Airways plane crash and immediately recalled the horrifying images from the Air Florida Flight 90 crash. My wife, who is several years younger than I, was not familiar with the incident. Recounting the story to her all these years later, I vividly remembered the chilling anxiety and helpless dismay I felt as a teenager in 1982 as I watched the drama unfold on tv. I remembered the heroic man that had leapt to aid the injured woman in the icy water, and decided I should look up his name. Extraordinary people like Lenny Skutnik and the other valiant individuals from that day deserve to be remembered.

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