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November 22, 2002


Professor Winston Ganessingh

I have completed research on 160 years of upward mobility by 143,939 Indians from India from 1845 to 2005 with the help of Education via the Missionaries of the Presbyterian Church of Canada since 1864. Contact me if you are interested in a presentation on my IBM laptop. Telephone 1-868-667-7027 ot 1-868-758-5382

r,k. matthews

Thank you so much for putting the information out there; I just hope more people will listen. Unfortunately, as a teacher, I have run into so much brainwashing that I have not been able to break through--too many forget others, sucked in by the chimerical dream that they will be the one to make it to the top. Capitalism calls forth the worst in us: greed, lust, egoism, competition at the expense of the reality that we depend on each other, that no one "makes it" alone, nor that material goods can fill the holes in our hearts and spirit.

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