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September 16, 2003


Jim Glass

"It's odd that the better things get if you are rich or a fundamentalist Christian, the more angry they get. "

Sort of like the better things get for you as a tenured academic, $50,000 per day corporate consultant and nationally-known pundit, the angrier you get, eh?

Gee, you'd think he'd have a little sympathy for the angry types. ;-)


Well, he did say this:

There's a funny thing that happened when I had that piece on inequality from the Times magazine a year ago. I had no control over the artwork and didn't see it until everyone else saw it, and they had this big picture of what they thought was a mansion. But it wasn't a mansion, it wasn't what the really rich are building now, it was a roughly $3 million house of about 7,000 square feet, and there are a few of those in Princeton just down the road from me. The people doing the Times magazine artwork just don't realize how rich the rich are these days...

Class envy everywhere.

Jon Henke

Yeah, it's gotta be inconvenient that people aren't really that concerned with his "inequality".

Maybe they need him to rub their faces in it with appropriate pictures.....
After all, how can we know how envious we *should* be unless we see the right picture?

Or, alternately, maybe Mr Krugman should stop trying to manufacture class envy.
Just a suggestion, of course.

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