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September 30, 2003



Great round-up of relevant info. Just wanted to point your attention to today's CNN coverage. Relevant quotes from David Ensor, their National Security correspondent.

CNN's Ensor reported that sources at the CIA said Plame was an agency operative.
"This is a person who did run agents," Ensor said. "This is a person who was out there in the world collecting information."

He also quotes former CIA Director James Woolsey as well as Colin Powell saying the leak is very serious and endangering intelligence and people's lives.

I would also think that just the fact that the US can't seem to keep secrets harms our ability to gather intelligence in the future.


The Washington Post which is pushing the story claims that Valerie Wilson 'has not been using' the name "Valerie Plame" publically and only overseas. The big sin was when Novak revealed that name. Unfortunately, Valerie's husband, Bush Bashing, tea drinking, Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson IV, refers to his wife, the former "Valerie Plame" on two public, non overseas, websites. How could this be a cover?
The later seems to be a Saudi-funded think tank. I do not know who the bad guys are we do not want to know who she is, but in my book the Saudis are one.

Gary Utter

People should focus on three issues - was national security compromised; was Ms. Wilson's safety endangered; and was the law broken.

Four issues. You forgot "Was this a deliberate act by the White House or some third level functionary free lancing?"


I found a NY Times article from August 8 that says this about Ms. Plame "Mr. Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame, is known to friends as an energy industry analyst." It's a for-fee article, aparently, but someone posted it in full (?) here.

In my blog I note the change in the State Department bio of Wilson. In 1992 he's married. In 1997, he's not listed as married.


Well, he was born in 1949, so he will be 54 in November (and he is a Scorpio - suddenly, it all comes clear!). He had a son and daughter as of 1992, but now he has also has three year old twins. I don't think it is a longshot to guess this is a second marriage.

Oh, the "energy analyst" was in the David Corn article.

And yes, her non-appearance on the web seems a bit odd if she is a consultant. Well, she is not, so I guess it is not that puzzling.


I am going to pitch this in from Drudge. It actually seems to jibe with the job description theory I linked to in the update.

Larry Johnson made the charge on PBS's NEWSHOUR.

"I worked with this woman. She started training with me. She has been under cover for three decades. She is not as Bob Novak suggested a "CIA analyst." Given that, i was a CIA analyst for 4 years. I was under cover. I could not divulge to my family outside of my wife that I worked for the CIA unti I left the Intelligence Agency on Sept. 30, 1989. At that point I could admit it. The fact that she was under cover for three decades and that has been divulged is outrageous. She was put undercover for certain reasons. One, she works in an area where people she works with overseas could be compromised...


Three decades? If she joined the CIA at age twenty, would that make her fifty? She has three year old twins!

Or is three decades measured as, 1989 to 2003?

Max Sawicky

Unfortunately, a discussion of whether national security has been harmed would harm national security.

It seems obvious that her safety is not imperiled since her cover is blown and she won't be stupid enough to go somewhere unsafe.

That leaves door number three.


Well, her safety can be imperiled right here at home - the InstaMan had a letter from a fellow who remembered the two gunmen who shot up some cars right outside of Langely.

And door 3, the legal route, is a long winding road leading to a swamp (IMHO).

This just in from the WaPO:

As the world now knows, Wilson is married to Valerie Wilson, nee Plame. She is his third wife. She is 40, slim, blonde and the mother of their 3-year-old twins. In the photos in his office, she has the looks of a film star.


So, "three decades" undercover must mean '80s, '90's, and the Naughties.


Did you notice this quote from the Meet the Press interview?

"Now, I believe it was done to discourage others from coming forward. At that time there were a lot of analysts who were speaking anonymously to the press about any number of issues related to the intelligence that undergirded the decision to go to war."
Aren't CIA analysts prohibited by law or their contract from discussing their work with anyone? How secret can these guys be if they are blabbing to the press?


Good point. We also note that, although the White House may have discouraged CIA analysts from writing signed op-ed pieces for the NY Times, they have other, somewhat more discreet, outlets.

One hopes their tradecraft is up to the task of leaking quietly.


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