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September 29, 2003


dwight meredith

As to Ms. Plame's status, and whether her exposure harms security, the Post reports:

She is a case officer in the CIA's clandestine service and works as an analyst on weapons of mass destruction. Novak published her maiden name, Plame, which she had used overseas and has not been using publicly. Intelligence sources said top officials at the agency were very concerned about the disclosure because it could allow foreign intelligence services to track down some of her former contacts and lead to the exposure of agents.


Apparently, most of the posts on this matter, share the habit attributed to the President,
they only read the headline. How else. can the
onus fall on 'unnamed administration officials'
who was allegedly singled out by other 'senior
administration officials. Now one can almost forgive the Dickerson and Calebrezzi's ignorance of the circumstances behind the assassination of Richard Welch, they were probably in grade school when that issue of
Time went to print, in December 1975. However
Novak has no excuse: He was clearly aware of
the 'Richard Welch Bill' and the consequences
of such a disclosure; if he didn't he was clearly reminded, by a company spokesman

"When Novak told a CIA spokesman he was going to write a column about Wilson's wife, the spokesman urged him not to print her name "for security reasons," according to one CIA official. Intelligence officials said they believed Novak understood there were reasons other than Plame's personal security not to use her name, even though the CIA has declined to confirm whether she was undercover.

"Novak said in an interview last night that the request came at the end of a conversation about Wilson's trip to Niger and his wife's role in it. 'They said it's doubtful she'll ever again have a foreign assignment,' he said. 'They said if her name was printed, it might be difficult if she was traveling abroad, and they said they would prefer I didn't use her name. It was a very weak request. If it was put on a stronger basis, I would have considered it.'"

Since Mrs. Plame was not apparently under diplomatic cover, she was obviously a NOC.
If she had Namebase and the KGB influenced
CAQ; would have burned her long before
(re; Mission Impossible and Alias for fictional counterparts) their status is much
harder to determine than your standard covert
operative; if not we're in deep trouble

Of course Dickerson and co, complicated the issue by parroting and elaborating Novak as
did David Corn; forcing the Agency to keep
confirming her status:

Of course, the cases of Dick Holm, the entire
Guatemalan country team, and at least one Port
Au Prince station chief, makes the outrage by
these suddenly concerned patriots seem forced

Clay Ranck

I did notice that a biography of Joe Wilson on the website of the Middle East Institute names his wife as "the former Valerie Plame". I'm not sure when this info was provided, and it doesn't link her to the CIA, but if this information was on the website before July, then the issue about releasing her maiden name doesn't seem very credible.

Here's the address of the bio: http://www.mideasti.org/html/bio-wilson.html


Good point, Clay. We want to give props to "Seamole" who pointed that out in July.


There are other pre-July sightings of her maiden name as well.


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