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September 30, 2003


Jon H

"Word of the Justice probe emerged over the weekend after the CIA briefed lawmakers on it last week.

So, lawmakers got the news, and then a "senior administration official" leaked everything to the WaPo for their Sunday edition."

And Bush did his Fox interview where he claimed he gets all his news from his employees...

Jane Finch

Question: would the VPs chief of staff not talk to the President's chief of staff before doing something like this? I've seen damage control at a high level (okay, a knee high level..it was a Canadian provincial government) and no one would just go out by themselves (ie, without the Big Guy's chief of staff) without a plan.


It certainly doesn't look well planned. One explanation could be that there is factional strife in the WH - Cheney's folks protecting him (and themselves), Bush folks protecting Bush. Rove, or Card, for example, might actually be leaking to make sure that Cheney's team can't engineer a push for a "Save Dick (and Scooter)" cover-up.

It would have to be heavy talent, though - I wouldn't think anyone else would just free-lance on this.


I have a little more analysis on the factional strife front in my neck of the blogosphere.

Instead of a damage control operation after the CIA briefing last week, maybe one of the innocent members of the WH press/communications shop decided he didn't want to go down with the ship ... and blew the whistle on the actual culprits.


OK, Swopa, very useful links. Now, the actions taken by someone leaking this to protect Bush would be very similar (I imagine) to the action taken by someone leaking this just to protect themself.

Since there has never been a successful prosecution under this statute, the idea that someone has the worry of being an accessory after the fact strikes me as overblown.

I am inclined to think they are doing their job as they see it, which is to serve the President. However, if you are more comfortable with the alternative motivation, well, whatever.


As with most things in life, it's probably a combination of motivations.

Like you say, the fear of being prosecuted may not have been great. Then again, would this person have gone to the press simply because his coworkers did something that was not only wrong, but stupid? Probably not.

Combine all of those factors, though . . .


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