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October 12, 2003



Oh MAN, it's bad enough you're a Republican--but a Yankee fan, too? (Insert your favorite "evil empire" joke here.)


*Insert random partisan sniping*

I suppose that Martinez would have been more justified if the Red Sox had gone into the Yankee bullpen and thrown Zimmer down before he had the chance to launch an attack on him.

Why do you hate Pedro?

*End random partisan sniping*


Emma, just to complete the trifecta, I am a Republican Yankee fan who owns shares in Microsoft. You can only imagine my sorrow at the end of Star Wars 6, when my man Darth died.

But I am keeping hope alive for "The Return of the King"!

And Jesse, thanks for stopping by. I think you need to study the videotape more closely.

Pedro (unlike Saddam) had demonstrated himself to be an imminent threat to the established world order, i.e., the Yankees. I saw a hapless but well regarded older chap attempting to conduct an on-site inspection of Pedro's arms - at first I thought it was Hans Blix, and only later realized it was Don Zimmer.

Pedro resisted, and a multi-national coalition (Matsui, Rivera, and Jeter) disarmed him. As well they should have.


Sick, sick, sick.
Rivera's a thug who brands his victims with cleat marks (questionable slide into second, cleat marks on Sox groundskeeper after the incident in the 9th).
Zimmer's just a lunatic who finally snapped, like a shell-shocked Vietnam vet who hears a car backfire.
They both cast shadows on the professionalism of the Yankee team.


Well Since It is very easy to tell that Pietro is a moran. I would like to clarify some things. The manager did not end up in a stretcher becuase Pedro did not attack him. When You getting attacked by a old man you still have the right not punched with out defending yourself. I gues zimmer was mad because they spend more money then any other sports team in the world and they are having trouble beating a wild card team. It would suck to be the shame of a nation.
Cowboy up

Marcel Perez

I saw several plays of the Pedro "assault" on Don Zimmer. It sure appeared to me that Zimmer was headed directly at him at a menacingly fast pace (for a 72 year old). Pedro simply played Aikido Master and directed the charging Zimmer's ample girth to the ground.

A $50,000 fine for this act seems awfully excessive unless the amount is based on the miscreant's ability to pay.

Don Zimmer must be making much less since his fine was only $5,000 for his role as aggressor.

Could be that the difference in attitude displayed during and after the game was a consideration affecting the Commisar's (Commissioner's) decision.

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