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October 23, 2003


Paul Zrimsek

The bus, incidentally is named "Furthur. No, not that far. Yes, I did say Furthur but when I said Furthur I meant Not that far."

Robin Munn

You're missing a closing tag somewhere.


You asked (then answered): "Repealing the Bush tax cuts". Is that anything at all like "raising taxes"? And shall we guess that "raising taxes" results in "savings" for the government? How thrifty of them.

Nah, hell let's eliminate taxes altogether! Who the hell cares about having the biggest budget deficit in the history of the planet, anyway. We'll all be dead when that tab ultimately comes due. Let our grandchildren worry about it, it's the Republican way! We can just have our checks automatically deposited to the Halliburton, Bechtel, Enron, etc, etc, etc accounts. That way instead of big gubbermint, we'll just trust the country's maintenance to the Enron CFO types; that's always proven to work so freakin' well, sheez! Oops! I forgot a cut for DICK Cheney's personal checking account too. Doesn't matter which BUS Ms. Seelye is ridin' dude, Bush is goin' DOWN, even if it's to yur Yellow-Dog, lol! ;-) If the REAL axis-of-evil (Dubya, Cheney, Rummie & oh yeah, Asscroft) stick around for 4-more, Ms. Seelye will probably be banned from reporting anything, from anywhere. Go-Marlins! ;-)

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