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October 02, 2003



One never tires of this.

Actually, this one does.

By the way, this story has been out there for several hours now (popping up in little hopeful posts on conservablogs all over) but no real news outfit has picked it up. Perhaps the Kuwaitis just stopped some Winnbagos on the highway and found bleach stored in the bathrooms?


Bleach, huh? Combined with Duct Tape, it can fix anything, and clean up afterwards.


The "news" report says the WMDS were being smuggled to a Western country. Why not right here? Pop a couple of cups of bleach down Wilson's throat and then slap on the duct tape. That sounds more satisfying than implying he's a girly man who needs his wife to help get him work.

Jon Henke

Visit Atrios much, Mithras?


Don't you ever get tired of being played for a fool by Bush & Co?

Jon Henk

I'll assume that means you spend quite some time there.

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