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October 03, 2003


You smell that?

Joseph Wilson's trip to Niger was in February 2002. Did they send the wrong guy to the wrong place?

Lead from the Top
"The D.O. thought this smelled," an official said about the Directorate of Operations, the espionage arm of the agency. "Rather than waste a lot of time and collect on this caper, this was a way to find out quickly if it merited more effort."
">"> Wissam al-Zahawie
“In February 1999, I was instructed to visit four West African countries to extend an invitation on behalf of the Iraqi President to their heads of state to visit Baghdad," Mr Zahawie wrote in an account of his experiences. "Niger was my first stop." He went on to Burkina Faso, Benin and Congo-Brazzaville, but the President of Niger, Ibrahim Bare Mainassara, was the only one to accept.
November 2001
Last November Kenyan authorities arrested five Iraqi men, attempting to travel to the Congo on fake passports, on suspicion of being terrorists. Officials were unable to say last week whether the men had been deported or were still in custody.
November 2002
This followed the arrest of five people who have since appeared in court. One of them is a citizen of Democratic Republic of Congo, a resident of Kimara, Makambo Mayunga (30). Others are taxi driver Yasini Ramadhani (27) of Mburahati Kwa Jongo, Eva Kleruu (39) an economist of Upanga, a businessman of Arabic origin, Said Nassor Ally (32) who is living at Sharif Shamba, Dar es Salaam and a fisherman of Kigamboni kwa Ulanga, Musa Rajabu Mapusa (49).
July 2003 – The Perfect Storm


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