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November 04, 2003


....a moment with Easycure

Dean doesn't have a shot. Except for maybe a position over at IndyMedia.

Julia Grey

Dean doesn't have a shot.

Oh, I think he does. Money and wild-eyed (read: impractical) enthusiasm go a VERY long way in the Democratic party.

But they will bitterly, BITTERLY regret it.

Patrick R. Sullivan

You don't have to wait at all. From today's NY Times OpEd page:

" Some Americans may share the views of the Republican congressman who said
that progress in Iraq was 'a better and more important story than losing a
couple of soldiers every day.' (Support the troops!) "

While I await the scathing Krugman OpEd directed at Dean for his
calluousness, I also am waiting to see if the NY Times will correct the
erroneous quote of Congressman George Nethercutt (challenging Patty Murray
for her Senate seat in 2004) that Krugman just repeated. Yes, I've written
to the editor, pointing out that this is a real scandal out here in Seattle, as the Seattle PI sneakily added
a period where there should be an ellipsis. The actual line, in a speech at
the Univ. of Washington, was:

" So the story is better than we might be led to believe in the news. I'm
just indicting the news people, but it's, it's a bigger and better and more
important story than losing a couple of soldiers every day which, which
heaven forbid is awful."



Well, thank you Patrick. This may come as a surprise, but I was planning to do a bit of Krug-bashing this afternoon; this will fit nicely.

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