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December 15, 2003



First things first: you need a close itals there somewhere.

Now, about politics. Finding Saddam may have a modest effect on the Dem primaries, but it happened so early it will certainly not effect the general election. If Iraq is in great shape, having found Saddam might polish the apple. If it's horrible shape or similar shape, there will be no effect.


Well, I think I fixed the comments anyway.


The trial of Saddam could have an enormous effect on the general election... it is also considerably more difficult to repeat the "miserable failure" mantra as well.


I agree with Emma - eventually, Bush needs to show progress towards a stable (and democratic) Iraq. Presumably, capturing Saddam makes the attainment of that objective more probable, so it is "bad news" for Bush's opponents in that sense. However, if Iraq is a mess next fall, Saddam will be of limited relevance.

Hmm, that was my cocktail party wisdom on Sunday night, and it is exactly what she said. Alarming.


We are each other's evil twins.

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