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December 23, 2003



Personally, I think refraining from push polls about Dean's non-white (non-Christian, in Dean's case) children in South Carolina reflects well on the Dem establishment. It really didn't take much for the Bush campaign to start race-baiting against McCain. Bush certainly did not respond to McCain's insurgency by attacking McCain's ideas.

Brad DeLong

It *would* be nice if more people talked about the moral character of the Bush campaign against McCain, wouldn't it.


Bob Novak probably has it right about the Democrats this time. He says the brightest among them are resigned to a Dean candidacy and a big loss, and will not support a "stop Dean" movement because it is not worth splitting the party in what is a lost cause, regardless. They feel they should give lip service to Dean this time, for party unity next time. Everybody knows Dean will go down in flames.

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