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December 09, 2003


Brad DeLong

But... But... But... Back in 1993, Howard Dean was DLC-member in good standing, head of the National Governors' Association, Bill Clinton's best friend in his attempt to trim back the social-insurance state to those parts that actually worked (so that he could then expand it).

Alex Parker

Per Sherlock Holmes's advice, I think we may have to deal with the possibility that Al Gore actually likes Dean.

My first reaction was that after the recent NH polling, Al Gore decided he might as well get in good with the inevitable nominee.

Then, I decided that it was the opposite--he was hoping that, by endorsing Dean now, he would mainstream him a bit more, hopefully raising his chances next November.

But here's my theory now: this is all about the war. Since losing in 2000, Al Gore departed from the McAullife/Clinton strategy that the best thing for the Dems would be to offer tepid support for the Iraq war, and then get it over with quickly. Now, Gore is making his point that he wants a more aggressive stance, and that such an aggressive chance might be more successful.

Max Sawicky

In his own way Gephardt is as independent of the Clintonoid party apparatus as people-powered Howard. His base is trade unions, not I would suggest a pro-Clinton force (given other choices). Either Dean or Gephardt would make deals with the Clinton(s); that would be only natural.


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