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January 22, 2004



Fix your italics. ;)


This McGovern cat, seems to have wrangled a better kind of intel officer; McCavitt, a
former station chief in Libya, then Guatemala
& El Salvador, (where he ran across another
conspiratorial whistle blower, Celerino Castillo,
who in turn provided leads for John Kerry's early
contra-gate witchhunt: while said Senator did his
part by signing up the frontman for South
Florida's BCCI connection; CenTrust's David
Paul for his Senate Committee treasurer, who was
covering for another Saudi; Mssr. Pharoan, who was
the son of the Saud family doctor) was outed by
Agee's KGB front rag, in '79; Wagner, is one of
the major players in taking down Pablo Escobar in
'93, where he worked hand in hand, with Col. Boykin; he also shares a billet with two of Larry
"terrorism is not a threat" Johnson's security
in turn was


I'm on those italics like Drudge on Edwards. Well, with the primary difference being that I am getting results.


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