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February 27, 2004



Best of the Web noted yesterday that the steel mill was shut down by one Jimmy Carter's administration.


Can't get enough of the Peanut Man.


17 consecutive posts on Kerry.
Half of one on George "forget jobs, Iraq, Osama, and WMD, we need to stop the gays" Bush. I wonder why?

I love the smell of right-wing desperation in the evening.

Glen Reynolds

Heh. I keep linking to every Kerry slag that I can find, but Kerry keeps winning primaries. My "Libertarian" Tennessee mojo must be broken.
This just in, (breathlessly), Drudge has another big scoop, something about an intern. Did I say Heh?

Frank G

Uh "Glen" you mispelled your name? Oh my! If you wanna spoof, do it right numbnuts

Don Meaker

It is kind of odd, how with the adults in charge, the US can handle more than one meme at the same time, and the left is offended.

I suppose Clinton highest priority was gays in the military, and in the end, that will be his legacy. Hillary care failed because the entire concept was endlessly corrupt. Welfare reform Clinton had vetoed twice, and he signed it because that was his price to Arlen Specter et al. for aquittal. In the end, in many many cases Clinton had nothing to show for it.

On the other hand, the Republican administration is able to do many things at the same time. That is because us "right wing" folks do not wait for the talking points from the top, but rather value, and exploit the brains and independent action of each.

Iraq does not distract from Al Queda, rather it emphasizes the success in Afganistan. Kaddafi got the point, even if our "oh so clever" Democratic candidates have missed it. The good news is W. Bush has taken advantage of incumbency during the primary season to get things done for the country. When the campaign starts he will have a full war chest, and his memes will be full, fresh, and forthright.


Did anyone catch Kerry's complete role reversal in the last 24 hours? Tired of explaining how he can be both for and against gay marriage at the same time (I have no problem with it, btw), he's now decided that he's going to campaign as John Kerry, International Tough Guy.

Yesterday he was whining about the "rush to war" and that Bush wouldn't let the French run our foreign policy.

Today he has declared Bush is soft on terrorism, weak on defense and endangering the nation, and he - John Kerry, won't ask others for permission to attack other nations if he decides its the right thing to do. This from the man that voted to leave Hussein in control of Kuwait, even with complete UN backing for the war, back in 1990.

I guess some new polling data arrived overnight.

Do Democrats actually *believe* in anything anymore? Or has the Al Gore "Say Anything" mindset completely taken over?

Richard R

Don, I largely agree, but gays in the military (such as they are, with the half hearted DADT) are surely Clinton's only *positive* legacy. Refusing Sundan's offer to hand over Bin Ladin and the 2 large smoking piles in NY are his legacy as well.


I love the smell of right-wing desperation in the evening.

Another Kerry supporter who cannot get over Vietnam.

And we have managed to combine a bit of Red Sox bashing with the Kerry bashing, so it has not been one-way traffic here.

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