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February 26, 2004



I don't buy the idea that the conservative response is to allow the federal or state constitutions (which are silent on the matter) to be used to overturn longstanding state laws without the consent of the people or their elected representatives. Unfortunately, we all know that this is precisely what will happen if there's no amendment.

(PS, I tried to email you the link to my post, linked above, but my email said it couldn't be delivered . . . apologies for using the comments to pass it along).


No apology necessary, we encourage shameless self-promotion here. Karmic payback for the many times and places I have done the same.

Anyway, Ramesh Ponnuru of the NRO suggested a similar amendment to the Taranto suggestion you endorse. Now we are four! And I have caught the whiff of victory here - although it would not go far enough for thr Religious Right, if they want an amendment that Congress can move, that would be it.



You, me and Taranto isn't much of a coalition, but Ponnuru is a guy who has a lot of friends on the Hill. If DeLay is nervously counting noses and Rove figures out that Kerry can be forced to bet his chips on the losing hand of opposing his own position - a favorite trick of GWB's - then there may be life in this baby yet.

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