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March 09, 2004


old maltese

Senator Kerry is 60 years old. Time's a-wastin'.


I totally agree!

Senator Kerry, whatever you do, do not, I repeat DO NOT, criticize the President harshly. You just might end up ahead in the polls or something.

The minute man tosses 'em up and we just throw 'em down.
Thanks minute man!

Trevor Saccucci

I think Kerry's approach could bring his poll numbers all the way up to Mike Dukakis' levels - with much the same results.

Cheap sarcasm is no substitute for rhetoric; it merely comes across as cheap sarcasm.

If Kerry and his campaign staff show the same degree of class his wife is showing with her buttons (especially handing them out while John Ashcroft is in hospital with gallstones and pancreatitis), they may end up doing much of Karl Rove's job for him.


Still waiting for those who rushed to attack Sean Hannity's book for calling liberals "evil" (which it does not do, if you actually read it, or for that matter the previous book) to attack Heinz.

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