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March 08, 2004


Cecil Turner

Well, in the faint praise department, he's better than Wes Clark. At least this convoluted, dicked-up statement appears to be trying to take a position on something.

The standard for "incoherent" has to be Clark's Salon commentary on all the ways the Administration had messed up the Iraq invasion--and in the next sentence predicting (correctly) the war will only last 2-3 weeks. Until someone matches that, we probably ought to retire the term.

But for someone who isn't in Wes's league, this is a pretty good effort . . .


He does seem to be drifting to a coherent and defensible position, which will amount to, this should be decided by the Federal Courts, which have a long history of leading on civil rights issues.

Now, will he say it that clearly? Not exactly "Profiles in Courage" - let someone else decide, please - but at least I get it.


Kerry's position(s) on this issue alone are far to numerous to even begin to count without some type of Cray supercomputer. The more he campaigns and speaks, the more President Bush's numbers will go up.

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