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March 30, 2004


The Kid

It is indeed good to see the Euroweenies stew in their own juices. Since France is the EU’s top nuke energy producer (at 6.9 terawatt-hours per 1 million people; Sweden is the top European producer at 7.38), it should be able to achieve its Kyoto goals more readily than the rest of the pack, but still faces some hurdles. Of course, this is simply the EU part of the ruin-your-economy game. It does look like the worldwide Kyoto treaty won’t go into effect.

What may save most of the Kyoto-backers from themselves is their failure to rope the Ruskies into the game. Early on Putin was willing, for the right price, to join in. But as Russia’s economic activity increases, the costs of joining become less attractive. Without a Russia or the US, the treaty has insufficient participation to go into effect.

So, seeing the EU members beat up on and fine themselves is more than great sport; it’s a lesson to those nearby nations waiting on line to join the EU frenzy, ruin their own economies, and get fined too.

Cecil Turner

Yep, the Russians pulled the rug out from under Kyoto last September at the World Climate Change conference. I was vastly entertained to see the eminently respectable Russian Academy of Sciences slam the state of environmental [junk] science:

"All the scientific evidence seems to support the same general conclusions, that the Kyoto Protocol is overly expensive, ineffective, and based on bad science." --Russian Science Adisor Yuri Izrael

"Inaccurate . . . and contrary to the opinions held by most scientists."--Kirill Kondratiev, head of the RAS

Later, Kondratiev delivered the unflattering summation: "The only people who would be hurt by abandoning the Kyoto Protocol would be several thousand people who make a living attending conferences on global warming."

Ouch! Tough crowd.

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