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March 29, 2004


Pat Curley

Nicosia said that he had not had time to go over the files and while he may have been willing to "turn them over" to the Kerry campaign, I'm sure he would have given them copies only.

In related news, I found out over at the Free Republic that Senator John Stennis, who was one of three senators mentioned by name in the original Tom Lipscomb article as a potential target of the assassination plot, was shot in January of 1973 and nearly died as a result. Here's a comfirmation of the shooting story from a bio of Stennis at NASA's website.
"Senator Stennis' unselfish achievements during his long years of hard work did not come without great adversity. In 1973 he was shot twice during a holdup attempt in his front yard in northwest Washington, D. C. Although doctors didn't at first give much hope of Senator Stennis' survival, then later of ever walking again, he surprised practically everyone and recovered almost completely." Not saying it's related (the article says it was a robbery attempt), but it sure is one HELL of a coincidence.


The files that Nicosia claims went missing are copies of originals obtained through FOIA.

The originals still exist, and anyone can obtain them just as Nicosia did. So it's not like they're lost to mankind forever. Only HIS copies went missing--and he doesn't even know what they were. Funny.

This story just gets better and better, and keeps marginalizing the right more and more.

We look like raving lunatics. On Free Republic, someone actually suggested that maybe we should start keeping a list of all the deaths associated with Kerry.

Shades of Clinton and all the Arkancide days. How embarrassing. At least Matt Drudge learned his lesson with last month's intern story. Finally.

The Kerry-assassination story was broken by someone who was working with Lipscomb from Free Republic, and admitted to being personal friends with him since at least 1998. They've floated theory after theory, and whipped a few wackos into a feeding frenzy, by convincing them they're going to take down the Kerry empire.

Sure. Sure they will.

Pat Curley

What you say about the Kerry files being replaceable is certainly true. The question is how long it would take Nicosia to obtain the information; my guess is that it would be after November.

Assuming that the robbery report is true (which is almost certainly the case; I can't imagine a motive for Nicosia to lie about it, then the question becomes who would have the incentive to steal the files? Nicosia speculated that it might be a political junkie looking for the equivalent of a piece of the Berlin Wall; that certainly doesn't pass the laugh test. That leaves political operatives of both the left and the right. I doubt it's the right; Bush's team can obtain the information a lot easier than B&E. That leaves the left, and among the left Kerry's campaign is the most obvious, unless you want to go deep into conspiracyland and suspect the Clintons.


CURLEY: YOU can't image why an author would lie about files being stolen -- huh? Maybe HE wants a book deal...

KEATON is right -- this assassination stuff is making those who are taking it serious look foolish.

BGGW told you that Kerry was actually involed in fixing the Super Bowl:

The two NFL teams that made it to the 2004 super bowl are the Carolina Panthers of North Carolina and the New England Patriots of Massachusetts. Is it mere coincidence that John Edwards is senator for North Carolina and John Kerry is senator for Massachusetts? Or, as one source whispered, “Is it a conspiracy?”

Abram Gemeinschaft, a former Ufologist who still wears aluminum foil hats and wets the bed, has told this reporter that Kerry and Edwards fixed the Super Bowl. “They fixed the Super Bowl”, Gemeinschaft said.

Another source, who chooses to remain nameless because he doesn’t really exist quipped, “John Edwards, a southerner, also planned the assassination of Lincoln in a previous life.”

So if they fixed the Super Bowl, could they be part of a Martian invasion? “It’s possible”, Dick Cheney, not-for-long vice-president admitted, “They could be an advance team of proto-humanoid homosexual terrorist-aliens sent here to destroy the fabric of our American way of life as a prelude to gutting our defense system and making us look like fools. They are an imminent threat to flaming heterosexuals like me and the president.”


this assassination stuff is making those who are taking it serious look foolish.

They laughed when Edison invented the light bulb; they laughed when Al Gore invented the internet; but who's laughing now?

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