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March 25, 2004


Paul Zrimsek

All the priorities have won, and all must have prizes.

Paul Zrimsek

Or should that have been "All the priorities are #1, and all must have crises"?


With the bar so low that even comically untenable contentions like the one about the admin's fixation on Iraq (even as they invaded Afghanistan) going unchallenged, none of us are expecting much of the media any more, but there's a rather obvious point here. Terrorism was the prior admin's top priority. Gee, Dick, how did you do at destroying Al Qaeda? Oh. So Clarke's adding one more incredibly damning if implicit indictment to the ample pile burdening the Clinton national security team.


Eight years with Clinton with nothing being done and 8 months with Bush, and Bush gets all the blame?

If I believe that, I deserve the title of "idiot" that Mr. Clarke is trying to assign to me.

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