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April 12, 2004


Cecil Turner

Okay, first a point of personal privilege: I'm the head ostrich around here, and expect proper respect.

ISTM this turmoil is largely unavoidable. As the June 30th sovereignty transfer date approaches, various Iraqi groups are positioning themselves for the follow-on political struggle. The marginal players have nothing to lose by inciting violence, especially since they appear better poised to conduct offensive operations. Setting a transfer date may have been unavoidable, but it's no surprise it'd spark some unrest, and in fact the Administration's been predicting it for months now. The only surprising bit was the unwelcome cooperation between the radical Shias and disaffected Sunnis, but so far the groups are distinct, with no general uprising, and the result appears manageable.

Oops, gotta run . . . got some sand in my eye.

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