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April 05, 2004



The French should be sent to the Sunni triangle; they did such a bang up job in Algeria, right;
Chirac should know, according to Timmerman's Betrayal of America; he seems to the French version of Kerry vis a vis Algeria (I know that
sounds redundant)Is General Morillon still available; he was French commdr. in the Sarajevo
sector in Bosnia; where fmr partisans of Massoud
and Hekmatyar were active


The (worsening) inability of our "allies" to play much of a role in the more demanding situations we face -- even if they desperately wanted to -- should be the first point raised every time these mindless mantras of "internationalizing" are mouthed. If such a thing as journalism existed, it would be. The typical discussion of these topics today is so dumb and detached from reality, anyone with a background in the subject can only marvel and worry.


Mark Steyn was scathing on that point:

...When scholars come to write the final chapter in the history of the European continent, the six-decade US security guarantee will be seen as, on the whole, a mistake. Not for America, but the Continentals.

The so-called "free world" was, for most of its members, a free ride. Absolving wealthy nations of the need to maintain credible armies softens them: they decay, almost inevitably, into a semi-non-aligned status....

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