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April 09, 2004



Off topic, but I want to save this link from the WaPo (by Drudge, natch)

Aug. Memo Focused On Attacks in U.S.


If only we'd held lots of principals' meetings to focus on the expected bombing attacks .... it would have availed us zilch. Seems that an open society cannot hope to successfully anticipate all new avenues of attack in time to prevent them. Maybe turning the tables, going on offense, pre-empting the worst known possible threats, would be a good idea. Why don't we do that? Oh, wait ....

House of Payne

Thanks for the link! What specifically were you endorsing?


What specifically were you endorsing?

Oh, man, are you here to rebut it?

Seriously, I agree that the Dodd=Lott is a bit overdone. Fun, but overdone.


Rice was and still is the WRONG person for the job; she is an expert in Czechoslovakia and somewhat knowledgeable about Cold War Russia, and just like most of the Bush administration, she’s philosophically a relic of a world that no longer exists, just like Czechoslovakia itself.

House of Payne

TM, not here to rebut. I agree, the Dodd thing is an overreaction.

BGGW, what do you think Rice has done wrong, aside from studying the wrong thing twenty years ago?


If, as Condi said, we have been at war wih terrorism for the last 20 years; if, as Condi said, the terrorists are determined to attack us, then she needed to be a ruthless advocate for taking action---she wasn't.

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