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April 18, 2004



Pre-emptive concesion?!

Look, as we speak, Sistani is demanding that U.S. troops not enter Najaf, and Chalabi is agreeing with him. British Officers admit that if revolt were to erupt in Basra, they would be powerless to stop it. The Bush administration has conceded total control of the June 30th handover to Mr. Brahimi of the U.N., and frikin' Iran is negotiating for us.

There is absolutely nothing pre-emptive about conceding that, right now, the likes of Sistani present a best case scenario for us in Iraq.

And for the upteenth time, the proper response for a partisan of the war party at a time like this is, "Oh dear god, forgive me for what I've done. I am so very, very sorry for our incompetence".
Not, "Snark, Snark, snarkity snark snark."

Patrick R. Sullivan

For solidifying a reputation for flip-flopping, it would be hard to improve on Kerry's answers to consecutive questions near the end of the program

MR. RUSSERT: .... The trustees of Social Security told us this, that if the programs remain in their current form, we're going to have to either cut benefits by a third or double the payroll tax from 7.5 percent to 15 percent for the average wage earner. Back in 1995, you said we have to be bold. And it might be unpopular, but we should consider raising the retirement age and means testing. Do you stand by those statements?

SEN. KERRY: No, I rejected that. We looked at that and we found that we don't have to do it....

....I'm not going to cut Social Security benefits. I'm not going to extend the retirement age. And we're not going to have to raise the premiums. We can fix Social Security beginning with a stronger economy.

MR. RUSSERT: Double the number of people on it with current spending?

SEN. KERRY: Tim, we're going to have a bigger economy. We have more Americans who are
working. We have the ability to grow out of it. Now, if we don't do that--let me give you an idea. You and I earn a lot of money. We're very lucky. If you live to be 85, Tim, do you think it's right that somebody who earns $30,000 a year after you've gotten all your money out of Social Security, after you've gotten everything and more than you paid is paying you money?

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