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April 19, 2004



I was wary of god's-eye judgements like this ("but the overwhelming sense here is that across much of Iraq, the ground is giving way beneath the Americans.") I would be, even without last week's "uprisings" and "fierce combat" which were mostly innacurate. "Overshelming senses" of things are usually dodgy -- but given the general level of media understanding in Iraq, I'm very leery of this one.

Kidnappings of Iraqis (for money) were rampant since the war, though they had diminished significantly in the last few months. They didn't get much media attention. The conditions described sound a lot like Baghdad but not much like most other places. (The 3 Kurdish governorates as usual are mostly excluded from any such generalizations)

Sounds a lot like Georgia and nearby places in the early 90s. Police states always are the most lawless, it seems, once the Big Guy or equivalent is gone. Intimidation and passivity still reign among Iraqis, and if that doesn't change they'll be headed for the under-achievement of the (still young) century.



A picture is worth a thousand lies.

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