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April 22, 2004



Isn't it starting to look like Kerry's camaign will be a non-stop defining phase, relaunch, or reintroduction. He was toast in December, with Dean looking to run away with the Democratic nomination. Then Kerry relaunched. And he continues to point out his own flip-flops since. First he voted one way, and then he voted another (on the same issue). Next, he criticizes the President, and then adopts, essentially, the President's position (staying the course, e.g. in an appearance at CUNY Kerry responded to a question by telling the questioner that he wasn't listening--the questioner wanted the troops out of Iraq, now). The relaunch will be the story every so often, and the friendly and supportive media will give lots of space to reintroduce him, as, what is it this time? A timeless Kennedy wrapped in centrist (Democratic Leadership Council) sheeps' clothing. If this is already declared the most ambitious and defining phase of his campaign, what will they call the phase after the Democratic convention?

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