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April 28, 2004


Paul Zrimsek

The "scientific realities of climate change" apparently include volcanoes and tidal waves. Stand by for some serious amusement.


Bring it on! Where is my Al Gore Cred-o-meter?


I believe global warming also caused the butterfly ballot.


If a butterfly ballot flaps its wings in Palm Beach, it may cause Al Gore to see a hurricane in Manhattan.


Al "Kiss of Death" Gore is promoting a movie? Perhaps he can do for The Day After Tomorrow what he did for Dean's campaign and the new Liberal cable station.

Robert Sore

OK, but Gore's move can't be as dumb as NASA's, yes?

NASA Curbs Comments on Ice Age Disaster Movie


Ricky Vandal

Gore is a moron. Just as moronic as those morons who said the Passion was violently anti-Semitic. Nobody has killed any Jew, so the impact of cinema is pretty little. And Jesus is a bit more important to most people than the enviroment.


Hey, I caught the trailer when I went to see Man on Fire. First off, go see Man...it's got great revenge killing. Second; this wacky flick looked really cool. Forget the bad science; it was like Poseidon Adventure without the fat broad. Neat. Gotta love gigantic disaster flicks.

Buddy Larsen

Fill me in, what did Georrrge Double-You Boshhh do this time, overheat, or underheat, the Earth?
Lord-a-mercy, that feller is really mean, ain't he? Let's get Gore back in the white house, and put a stop to this durn Global Warming Ice Age. We probly ought to hurry, I have noticed it is has gotten a LOT warmer outside, just in the last couple months.Count me in with the Dimmer-crats!


This is the basis:
It supports probably one utterance from the movie.


Should we be worried about Zombies too?


The movie is the liberal answer to The Passion of the Christ. The climate is crucified for our sins.


No, I believe the better analogy is, "If someone starts an SUV, it will lead to (insert earthquakes, volcanoes, other natural disasters)."


I loved Man of Fire. There was not a scene that couldn't be predicted, but Denzel Washington was great, and he did a terrific job with the mandatory macho bluster lines. Make my day!

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