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April 02, 2004



The crime is serious: Valerie Plame Wilson was a deep-cover agent. Now, any 'asset' who spoke with her is in danger (that’s the reason we didn’t see her photo in any newspapers when the story was hot--that would put her assets in even more danger); the ‘business’ (operation) she was part of is closed down, and the identity of the other agents she worked with in that ‘business’ have probably compromised, along with any assets they managed.

And there will be a prosecution.

This childish stunt has ruined an operation being used to fight terrorism -- another example of the administration's priorities; Iraq first, terrorism a distant second (if that).


Patrick J. Fitzgerald is a bulldog. It looks like he has already identified the leaker(s), and he is going after those involved in the cover-up (which could be a lot of White House officials). I expect charges similar to Watergate, mainly Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice. Like Watergate, there may be unindicted co-conspirators from the "upper echelons of the White House."
-- Cheney?
-- Bush?

They clearly know about the cover-up, but is there any evidence pointing to them?

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