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April 11, 2004


Patrick R. Sullivan

Sadr, but wiser?


AFTER a week of fighting between followers of Sadr militants, on the one side, and Bulgarian and Polish troops on the other, milder Shiite militias pushed Sadr's militia either out of the city or deeply underground. The vacuum has been filled by the Badr Brigades, controlled by the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq;


US soldiers have no presence in the town whatsoever. At the main security office in the shrine of Hussein, an official warns foreigners that they shouldn't have come to the town. "It's lawless out there."

Extra Lovely.

For domestic political reasons we couldn't take Iraq and immediately hand it to clerics, but this is the best outcome.

Liberal Democracy, Islamic Theocracy, what's the difference?

I laugh to keep from crying.


Uhh, yes to both.

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