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April 26, 2004


Tom Bowler

I wondered when somebody was going to ask the question "So John, who's medals were those anyway?" More and more he looks like the schmuck Roger Simon says he is. But AP leaps to the aid of the Kerry campaign by including this paragraph at the end of the article you reference above with "Call off the Republican attack dogs,"

"Saturday marks the first anniversary of Bush's visit to the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln, where, under a giant banner proclaiming "Mission Accomplished," he declared the end of major combat in Iraq. Most of the more than 700 U.S. troops killed in Iraq lost their lives after Bush's May 1, 2003, declaration."

The chances for a "draft Hillary" movement in Boston this summer seem to improve.


Kerry appears to have made another false claim in his explanation on ABC today... saying that Karen Hughes pushed this story on Fox... in fact, she was talking about Kerry's "medal-tossing" on CNN Late Edition and never mentioned a 1971 video. Very reminiscent of Dean, on the cusp of imploding, blaming his "Bush knew" talk on Fox instead of lefty radio.

arthur in n.o.

Nixon's bony hand gets revenge at last. Seems Kerry's incriminating 1971 "interview was shown on the Washington television station WRC, archived by President Richard M. Nixon's communications office and held by the National Archives," according to today's NY Times. How sweet! How sublime!


So what do the Democrats have? Attack cats?


Crank: Rabid sockpuppets.

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