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April 13, 2004


Robert Tagorda

I asked the same question when I saw his deferral to Lakhdar Brahimi, who comes with significant baggage.


We need international help and international "cover". Some how, some way, we need to avoid being painted as a crusader army imposing a government. Kerry's proposal here sounds like the only way to get that and maintain control over security. Are you suggesting we also transfer military authority to the UN?

I thought not.

Lets face it, Bush is not going to get any support internationally. Do we really want to go it alone? Have we heard a better idea from Bush/Cheany?


Bush/Cheney, et al, need a lesson in humility.

The 'Vulcans' "miscalculated" Iraq ('FUBAR' is a more accurate term), but they won't admit it. They are so full of feelings of moral and intellectual superiority that they don't dare admit they were dead wrong. One senior administration official even had the hubris walnuts to state---a month before the war started---that one of the goals will be to have the new Iraq recognize Israel! If that isn't an indication of how conceited and unrealistic their thinking is, well, then, I just don't know...


Bush is not going to get any support internationally

The word "more" must be missing - we have help, starting with the Brits.

NATO and the UN might add at most 20,000 troops (and we could use them), but none of them will actually shoot at anyone.


President Bush's speech here was awesome. Unfortunately most of my teachers don't care. Its to their disadvantage. I'm guessing they want higher taxes and a horrible president. I feel that both sides lie a little BUT the Kerry campaign is lying too much. If they lie in a campaign just think of what they will do in office.

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