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May 13, 2004



"We know where Kerry was in 1970, "

Do we?

Remember Northern Exposure ? Young Jewish New York City urbane doctor is forced to go practice among the oddballs in remote Alaska village called Cicely?

There was one episode where a Russian shows up selling old Soviet-era espionage dossiers. One local -- Maurice -- had once been an astronaut, so the Russian had a dossier on him. Sold it for $100)s. Dr Joel bought a dossier of some remotely-related cousin who shared his name.

This sort of thing was actually happening there for a while in the mid 1990's. The Soviets, come to find out, and actually DID have a pretty good spy network in the U.S. They really DID have people in the U.S. government bureaucracy, and they DID from time to time blackmail, pressure, pay off, extort, and otherwise attempt to influence various U.S. citizens.

Being a government bureaucracy itself, the Soviet KGB really did keep file folders on who was doing what with whom when where and why. Sometimes on important people, like ambassadors, congressmen, and cabinet officers. Sometimes on the staff, family, or retinue of such people.

Those files really were for sale, at one point. Might still be ...

Wouldn't it be interesting to find out if then-Congressman George HW Bush was among those being studied, and what the Soviet evaluation of the vulnerabilities of his problem-sons GW and Neil might have been?

Wouldn't you like to see what the KGB knew about, and was doing to influence, the anti-Vietnam war protest leaders of the late 1960's thru late 1970's?

I mean we're dumpster diving right and left anyway. Service records, dental records, tax records, medal records, driving records, flight-physical records ... but we're all being curiously provincial about LOCAL documents and dossiers.

What did the Soviets know, and when did they know it?


It would have come up in the Mitrokhin files, which revealed much of this scrounging; at the
time, Neil was an infant, and the others not
much older. Of course, if as some speculate,
Bush sr. did assist American intelligence in
the mid 60s; that might have brought me

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