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May 13, 2004



Shame on me, I haven't read the Clarke book, and if I do head for the library to get a Clarke book it's more likely to be Arthur C. rather than Richard...

But in consequence I don't know "the rest of the story".

So while I agree that Gore correctly identified the crux of the matter (illegal and covert are bedmates) I don't know and can't guess which way he suggested the matter be settled. Pray enlighten me. What was the meaning of the remark?

Yes, go ahead and do the necessary action, even though it is illegal, but of course we must avoid the consequences by keeping it all covered up.


No, no matter how vital a mission may seem we of course must what we do legally and openly or we can not do anything at all.

Either way actually is better than wobbling. But which is it?


First, a tip - go to a Barnes and Noble, leaf through the book for five minutes, pick up one interesting vignette, and use it at cocktail parties (or blog postings) to give the impression that you have read the damn book.

As to how the story turned out... hmm, I would have to go back to Barnes and Noble. My recollection is that his point was, Big Al was supportive of the kidnapping attempt, which ultimately didn't happen for other reasons.

old maltese

President and Vice President give decision on a proposed kidnapping? Isn't that sort of thing supposed to be done downstream, for deniability reasons?


Gore has had flashes of good sense at times . . . but typically of Clinton foreign policy, somebody figured out the right answer but then it still managed not to happen.


Not to nitpick- but -"I am reminded of a great ... story from the Richard Clarke book." This is a pretty huge red flag. I'm not saying it didn't happen, but it wouldn't be the first story that Mr. Clarke has apparently invented whole cloth.

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