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May 06, 2004


Patrick R. Sullivan

Theresa Heinz Kerry, the Martha Mitchell of our time.

Patrick R. Sullivan

No wonder she was attracted to John:

"Teresa Heinz Kerry is in a category all on her own among political wives. She's a woman who seems comfortable with contradiction. "

Patrick R. Sullivan

If her endorsing the Swift Boat veterans didn't sink Kerry, this should: "I also know that's not what the American people want. They don't want phonies. They don't want pretense — they want real people "

Patrick R. Sullivan

Hey, have we got a Kerry Motto Lotto winner in there:

"Kerry: 'not what the American people want'"


Well, there's degenerate bathroom humor available, in what may have been her reaction to the question "should I vote for Kerry or go to the loo?"

"I thought thank goodness they're both called John"


When Rick Santorum ran for Senate to fill the seat of the late John Heinz, Theresa Heinz was there to say that he had not gotten her approval to fill the seat of her husband (like some sort of royal decendancy).
Rick Santorum went on to the Senate, and Theresa Heinz went on to be known as a nut.


How about:
(1) I'm Fonda Kerry
(2) Vote for Kerry for President (of France)

Big mama T

You little people are such fools. That is why you refuse to bow when I speak. You will get yours, you idiots. John & I know what is best for you peasants even though you do not. We long so for the good days, the European days of elegance when royality was respected. You make fun of us because we do not pay taxes on my $3.2 billion in assets. You make fun of us because we pay the bare minimum of 0.983% in taxes on my $80M/yr income while I support a 30% tax on any family earning over $100,000. You ignorant scum. I suport the outsourcing of all the Heinz manufacturing plants and their thousands of jobs so that my income will grow even more while my husband tells you about all the bad outsourcing plotted by evil US corporations. Worship me and my waned beauty or I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog too!

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