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June 19, 2004



Yep. Vote Kerry for President. He has the perfect foreign policy for a September 10, 2001 world...

Chip Halstead

This post reminded me of a thought that crossed my mind a few weeks ago, when Kerry made some statement or other windily dismissing the difficult, long-term project to make Iraq over into a free and democratic country.

I'd wondered then whether Kerry was, at bottom, merely a political operator with little understanding of or faith in democracy (in the full sense of the term, i.e., representative self-government, the rule of law, due process rights, personal freedom, equality before the law, free market capitalism).

Instead he sounded like someone whose raw ambition would propel him to a position of power in any old system. Whether fascist, communist, authoritarian, democratic, aristocratic, monarchic, theocratic, it wouldn't matter. Completely amoral, he'd take the rules of the game for granted, and simply play the game to win.

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