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June 14, 2004



It would, however, make Dean's "PLEEEASSSSE don't vote Nader!" speeches less plausible. They'd gain swing voters and lose the base.


I keep expecting John Kerry to nominate Clark for his Veep.

Not Wesley. Ramsey...


Well, when you build your whole career around not taking clear positions, you are bound to lose the benefits of that stance when forced to choose among potential running mates who lacked the foresight to take such precautions.

Gephardt's the most logical choice, esp. given that he hails from a state that could wind up in play and is well-liked in the heartland. His biggest drawback, other than the general quality of having been inside the Beltway since the Bronze Age, is that he was in the Air National Guard in the Vietnam era, which of course is tantamount to treason.

Wonkette, of course, will be ecstatic about the "John Kerry and his Dick" ticket.

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