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June 08, 2004



More on this here (check my comments there too).

Patrick R. Sullivan

Actually, by the only metric that matters, Reagan was the most popular. He passed his presidency on to his VP. Not Eisenhower, not LBJ, nor Clinton managed that feat.

But the popularity question isn't the worst of this column:

"...the economy grew slightly faster under President Clinton,"

Which is because Clinton inherited a growing economy from his predecessor (and two years later had the good fortune to have to deal with Newt and Phil in the majority, therefore his worst instincts were checked). Reagan, on the other hand, inherited the worst economy since the Great Depression, including the highest gas prices EVER.

"...and, according to Congressional Budget Office estimates, the after-tax income of a typical family, adjusted for inflation, rose more than twice as much from 1992 to 2000 as it did from 1980 to 1988."

Again, no thanks to Clinton, he was as surprised as the next guy by it (read his speeches of the mid-nineties. And: "after-tax income of a typical family"?).

And the come-down recession was bequeathed to Bush II. What a lucky bastard Charmin' Billy was.


I think the key is the collapse of the Soviet Union. It's clearly Reagan's legacy to the country, and yet because it happened after his term, it was not reflected in his job approval numbers at the time of his retirement.

The Kid

While I wish the good perfessor no misfortune – discomfort, yes; death, no – I suspect that were he to kick the bucket soon, he’d have almost as many folks queued up to see him off as will have passed the coffin containing the earthly remains of the great Ronaldus Maximus by Friday.

However, I suspect that the line would move a little slower and therefore suggest that his heirs, assigns, and loved ones purchase a waterproof casket with an acid-resistant additive. A few bags of quicklime at the ready to sweeten the air might be a good idea too.


Popularity isn't defined as how little your opponents dislike you. For a Presdent popularity is based on popularity ratings.
It s also not true that Reagan was universally admired or liked. AIDS activists weren't charmed by him, and homeless advocates din't find him disarming. Peopl say nice things when people die. It's human decency. You'e right that Clinton's foes hated him more tha. Reagans foes hated Reagan. That says far more about them than it does about him.

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