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June 17, 2004



McCain destroyed himself in S. Carolina by denouncing eevangelicals. As much as folks blame it on Rove, they just need to watch the debates and interviews -- trashing fundamentalist icons in the bible belt was just suicidal. I like McCain's views on things just fine, but c'mon, the guy has all the political savvy of a porn star.

Besides, if Cheney has to resign for health reasons, I want Powell in there instead.


Like McCain I'm retired military. McCain will never have my support because he is one of the infamous Keating Five. He claimed ignorance in that one, but anyone who retires at the rank of a Navy captain certainly knows what the limits are. He blythly rolled past the limits because he thought he could get away with it.

Pat Curley

If Cheney stays on the ticket it will indicate one thing. Jeb wants to run in 2008. I have met McCain on several occasions and while he can be quite charming at times, he can also be a jerk--petty, arrogant and vain. Not unusual qualities for a Senator, but not good ones for a President.

Big D

If Cheney drops out, I'd much rather see Condi as his replacement.

Fred Boness

I won't vote for any ticket that has McCain on it. Call it the McCain Mutiny.

Harry Forbes


While I am not a big McCain fan, he was part of the Keating 5 because the Demos needed to have at least one Republican wrong-doer in order to support an investigation. Plain and simple.


This should shed some light on McCain's involvement in the Keating scandal...



George W. Bush and Rudolph Giulianni would be the dream ticket for me.


I prefer Giulianni for Homeland Security.

Rice for VP would be nice. Or SecState.

I'd also love seeing Powell (Colin, not *ack*! Michael) on the ticket, but I think he won't.


Rudy needs to stay on the sides for now so that he can knock Hillary out of her seat. Damaging Hillary would be useful preemption, and Rudy would make a good Senator.

Powell is the right choice for VP in '04. Most of the moderate democrats I know say that they would vote for Powell over Kerry.

Rice should be moved to head up State.

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