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June 10, 2004



As I understand it, the brain is the only organ that does not regenerate/replace its own cells over one's lifetime, as all other bodily organs do. The brain cells you're born with are the only ones you've got. It explains the truth about the cliches that "you only use about 10% of your brain" (as brain cells die out, others unutilized, pick up the slack) and "killing brain cells" (when quaffing a beer--as it is the natural course for brain cells to die).

The premise behind stem cell therapies is that implanted cells will replace defective cells so as to "fix" the defective organ--a cellular regeneration process that does not occur in the brain.

All this should be qualified as I am a layman, and not a Phd.

John Mercer

Minuteman, are you trying to defend Bush's destructive, hypocritical policy with obfuscation?

Bush isn't following the recommendation of the Council, because embryonic stem cells come from the blastocyst stage, which is BEFORE the cutoff recommended by the Council.

Forbes, your understanding is wrong, because cellular regeneration does occur in the brain. Rusty Gage of the Salk Institute showed that over seven years ago. The cliche about people only using 10% of the brain is spectacularly false.

I'm not a layman in this field, as I make mice from embryonic stem cells.

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