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June 17, 2004



It's a amuzing sound bite, Tom.

As Andrew McCarthy pointed out (in his rebuttal you cited in another post), regarding the collaboration or cooperation issue, the Taliban didn't collaborate in the attack on the U.S. any more then you didn't weed your garden.

So did we "have" to go to war with Afghanistan? It's not as if Taliban fighter-bombers attacked NY and DC. Did we "have" to go to war in Kosovo (unilaterally--without UN approval)? Iraq was at least as much a human rights cause, as was Kosovo.

While Kerry says this President failed the test of this "doctrine," it's amuzing to note that Kerry voted for the "Iraq regime change" resolution in 1998.

Is this that nuance Kerry's so famous for (and I'm so clueless to understand), or an "I voted for it before I was against it" flip-flop?


If I could get the attention of Kerry's handlers, I would encourage then to jump on the Larry Brown/Pistons bandwagon - Kerry's new answer to Iraq (and everything else) can be, "I want to do it the right way".

And who can disagree?

Roger Sweeny

Why did the USA have to declare war on Japan after Pearl Harbor? We could have fairly easily come to an agreement with them: The Americas are our sphere of influence; Asia is your's. We won't interfere with you and you won't interfere with us.

Eventually, we would have gotten into a "cold war" with Japan and it's allies (who might well have fallen out like Russia and China did).

I think we could have come to a similar agreement with Germany, and maybe even saved England (you get mainland Europe and Africa ...)

We would have lost a lot fewer American lives. Of course, we would have had to look by as millions of non-Americans got killed, and then accept their virtual enslavement. But we would have survived, and maybe even have won that cold war eventually the same way we won the real one.

I think it would have been immoral and wrong for the United States to have stayed out of WW II. But it was a choice we made, not something that was forced upon us.


i'd like to declare my support for barack obama's 'no dumb wars' doctrine, as it allows for supporting kosovo and afghanistan, but warns against the eminently dumb invasion of iraq. kerry could try to steal the 'no dumb wars' line, but i doubt he'd get away with it.

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