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June 10, 2004


Brad DeLong

May I go bang my head against the wall?


Well, we are more in a "tear down this wall" modality this week. Regular head-wall impaction will resume soon.


Hmmm. First, Iraq has no effect on things that the Paks can play, and specifically US forces in Afghanistan are at a record high and have been on the offensive (and that's just the ones we talk about). NYT types and those who consider it an adult newspaper seem endlessly ignorant and gullible about certain mythological creatures, "distraction" prominent among them. Second, pre-emption was the primary objective, and it was achieved -- aside from very impressive murders of unarmed aid workers, the other side has been running and getting shellacked, as usual. Mountainous Central Asian fighting usually follows a fairly strict seasonal pattern -- which we of course bucked successfully -- and if the enemy had ambitions for this spring, they've turned into many, many of their own dead and nothing accomplished. Third, it's entertaining but quite unrealistic to think that the US counts on any deal concerning the tribal areas to either transpire or stick. Not.

Afghanistan will never look like a success to those clueless about the nature of our (mostly negative) interests and objectives there. It's a free country, so all are free to bang their heads if they want.

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