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July 14, 2004



"Open season," he said, wiping the drool off his face.

If Rush Limbaugh said "Open season on Chelsea!" it would be hell to pay... we know that because they still refer to it today, distort what was said and ignore that he apologized, repeatedly and personally to her mother, for it.


I have decided that I am not worried - my secret theory is that when the lunatic left will go on parade, it does not hurt Bush, and that will happen here.

But better will be when "they" are called on it, and actually defend bashing two 22 year olds whose only sin is that Dad lied about WMDs. Well, they will find more sins, I am sure. But they wouldn't *be* sins if Dad were a good Democrat.

I'm ranting...


I'm beginning to think that there is no longer any reason to complain, or point out, the double standard the media takes when criticizing Republicans and those related. We should just find an acronym or some cliche--point it out, by dismissing it as such, and move on.

On a slightly different point--if a Republican running for office had married someone as wealthy as Terry Kerry, there would be no debate about full financial disclosure, the press would be clamoring for it, and undergoing a full investigation into the details. End of story.

Elitist hypocracy.


Elitist "hypocracy?"

Does anyone recall the Times and WaPo stopped just shy of calling Judith Dean a homely, crunchy feminazi freak — a line which the crew at NRO happily crossed, followed by a goodly chunk of the redstate blogsphere?

This ain't just a tendency of the libruhl press; unfortunately, it's an ugly (how's that for an opening?) side of human nature.


My guess is that some of your comment is based on this Maureen Dowd column. And here is the Jodi Wilgoren column to which she refers.

To which I am inclined to say, so what? Political wives tend to be fair game. Kids are normally off-limits unless it embarrasses Bush, as we have seen with the twins over the years.

A better analogy *might* be the press treatment when Al Gore's son was stopped for speeding back in 2000 (IIRC). Hmm, but there wasn't any! Not in the Times, anyway (so I say, now I need to prove a negative...)

OK, I think the "Gore's son" got glossed over, even though Gore was thrilled to use his family as politicalprops alll the time (e.g., his 1992 Convention speech; 1996, the family prop was the sister with cancer; I am blocking as to whether he had one in 2000)

Let's see, though - this blogger linked to the NY Post, Aug 20/21 2000.

Now, "speeding" is a crime, and it endangers lives - wortht remembering that Barbara Bush may be guilty only of eating some bad sushi.

And what about Al Gore III and the marijuana bust? Does anyone know if the Times noticed that?

Well, they did, so there!

MSNBC is here with an AP story;

Ms. Merritt of TalkLeft links to a NY Times website/AP story and wonders if he was only arrested because of his name. We wonder what her reaction would have been if the police had let the kid off with a warning (we infer that to be her preferred solution), and the last name was Bush.

But we are taking about crimes, here.

Contextual griping here.


"Fair game?" Sounds a bit like "open season."

Judy Dean's role (or non-role) in the campaign was a perfectly legitimate story (as is the Bush twins' pr blitz for ol' dad). But that was just the excuse; the real "scoop" was that she dresses like a hippie and doesn't wear makeup (hint, hint).

I think you're applying the wrong litmus test when it comes to the press (bloggers are another story). It isn't about partisanship as much as sex: Hmmmm aren't those Bush girls little whores; hmmmm Judy Dean, er, Steinberg, acts a lot like like a lesbian; hey, isn't that Kerry's daughter flashing her tits in Cannes?

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