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July 20, 2004


The Kid

Why not have some fun with this and start calling Wednesday, July 27th, 2004 Capture Osama bn Laden Day, or COBL Day? Those of us who work for a living can tell bosses, client’s, coworkers, and peers that we’ll be in late on Wednesday because we’ll be out late celebrating COBL.

I’ve a mind to stop by a bar or two tonight and ask if they’ll have special pricing on the good draft next Tuesday night for COBL. And why not ask florists if they’ve any ideas for a special COBL arrangement to send to a fellow traveler, loved one or spouse? Folks should have their headlights on all day to celebrate COBL, no?

We should all do our part to celebrate this special occasion.

Timmy the Wonder  Dog

If you can expand the post to our role in Yemen, you have a hat trick.

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