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July 28, 2004


Patrick R. Sullivan

I almost feel sorry for Brad DeLong after that goddawful, it's all about me and my linguistic skill, speech last night. This is your candidate? A wuss who can't even keep his overbearing, idiotic, self-absorbed wife off stage at the biggest moment of his life?

McNickle: I thought you said something about being un-American?

Heinz Kerry: No I did not say that.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a lie. And her hubby stands by his woman on this one, so we can only stand in awe as the Washington press corps cheers on the idea that they would deal with these people for four years.


She probably didn't recall saying "un-American" because, apparently, most of what she says is unscripted and extemporaneous. I wouldn't call her denial a "lie." However, Gov. Rendell clearly knew that she did, indeed, say "un-American" and after conferring with him, or at some time subsequent, she should have graciously apoligized.

The incident does go perfectly with Kerry's own "I don't fall down, that SOB knocked me over" statement about his skiing adventure in Idaho -- they both refuse to admit mistakes and expect others to clean up their messes.

Big mama T

You little people are such fools. That is why you refuse to bow when I speak. You will get yours, you idiots. John & I know what is best for you peasants even though you do not. We long so for the good days, the European days of elegance when royalty was respected. Ants!!! Insects!!! Middle class riff-raff. You make fun of us because we do not pay taxes on my $3.2 billion in assets. You make fun of us because we pay the bare minimum of 0.983% in taxes on my $80M/yr income while I support a 30% tax on any family earning over $100,000. You ignorant scum. I suport the outsourcing of all the Heinz manufacturing plants and their thousands of jobs so that my income will grow even more while my husband tells you about all the bad outsourcing plotted by evil US corporations. Worship me and my waned beauty or I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog too!

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